I have been talking more about the inner child healing aspect of my healing work. It has always been so natural for me to find and connect with the inner children of my clients. There is something truly magical about finding out where your inner child lives in you and what healing messages they have for you. You can watch my recent reels here:

You have multiple inner children

Your inner child is a healer

Your inner child is not broken

Your inner child is waiting for you to connect with them

Your ancestors’ inner children continue to live in and through you

Your inner child is relational

If you don’t listen to your inner child, they will get louder

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Inner child healing is a powerful way to heal your energetic wounds and reach your financial, relationship, and wellness goals. Sometimes your inner children can be holding on to a pattern that causes you pain or discomfort or disruption in an area of your life. I have found out that it is possible to connect with them and offer them other ways to communicate with you and support you.

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