Why do crystal grids use multiple crystals of the same type? What do groups of the same stone actually do? Can you not just use all different types of crystals instead?

Since blogging about crystal grids and publishing Crystal Grids Power back in 2017, I get a lot of questions about grids. One of the ones I am often asked is why my crystal grids use multiple crystals of the same type?

For example, take a look at my crystal grid below, it uses various numbers of the same type of crystal. Around the central stone, you will see six Blue Kyanite blades, six Rhodonite tumbles etc.

crystal grid using metatrons cube
Lots of groups of six crystals in this crystal grid

Why Do Some Crystal Grids Use Multiple Crystals?

There are two main parts to this answer but I personally like to work with multiple crystals because of the power that they hold. Crystal grids are different from wearing a crystal or placing one on your body. You are working with the energy of sacred geometry (or symbols) and numerology.

Crystal grid - Why do crystal grids use multiple crystals?
Why do crystal grids use multiple crystals?

The Power of Numbers

A big part of what makes the shapes and patterns within sacred geometry is numbers. Numbers are a type of energy you can tap into in crystal gridding. For example, one carries the energy of unity, beginnings and focus for example (central stone). Two can symbolise balance and partnerships and so on.

Combining the properties of your crystal with the power of numerology is a game-changer. Imagine the effect of a protective crystal, like Black Tourmaline in a multiple of four (boundaries, strength). This is why I LOVE working with crystal grids!

The book Crystal Grids Power by Ethan Lazzerini
Crystal Grids Power by Ethan Lazzerini

Your Intentions Multiplied

Another reason crystals grids use multiple crystals is the power of multiplication. It adds more energy, just as a group of people will find it easier to make a change in the world than one. This is teamwork in the crystal kingdom.

Another way to think of this is like affirmations or mantras. You can’t just say it once and expect it to change your life? It’s the repetition of the intention/word that gives it power. Groups of crystals multiply the energy and also create more of an impact.

More Mass, More Impact

Multiple crystals also add more mass. Six Amethyst tumbled stones have the same effect as a large Amethyst crystal point. It just has more oomph! However, that doesn’t mean you need hundreds of crystals either. We are working with geometry and numerology. These are metaphysical enhancers and activators.

Energy boosting crystal grid with red and orange crystals
Energy Boosting Crystal Grid

Can’t I just Use Lots of Different Individual Crystals?

The types of crystals in your crystal grid all play a role and add their properties to your grid. Like ingredients in a recipe, everything is intentional. I wouldn’t add cocoa powder to my bread just because I have some or I don’t have any yeast.

A crystal grid for prosperity might use four or five types of crystals. It doesn’t need 15 different types of crystals to do the job. Can you think of that many abundance stones? That’s a lot going on too.

Close up of crystal grid with amethyst cluster
Groups of crystals form geometric patterns

Like making a recipe, there are different parts that create the whole. It’s not random or based on what you happen to have on hand. When I make a grid, it will often mean I have to get some new crystals. Crystals that I will be able to keep using in future crystal grids and for personal use. My grids include substitutes for most crystals, which makes things easier for you.

Crystal grid with amethyst, fluorite and clear quartz crystals
Crystal grids amplify your intentions

It’s Part Of Your Crystal Journey

Finding the right stones for my grids is all part of the process. If you have a connection to crystals, this shouldn’t feel like something you want to avoid. If money is the problem, I completely understand. There are other more inexpensive ways to work with single crystals.

The nature of crystal grids is they do require a few crystals, it’s like alchemy. As you can see, my crystal grids combine crystal energy with sacred geometry and numerology. If you want to know EVERYTHING to get started and create crystal grids then please check out my book Crystal Grids Power. It contains 34 ready-made crystal grids and printable templates.

Crystal grid, pyramid, flower case and stones
Make high-energy healing crystal grids

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