When being tired and exhausted becomes your normal, it is time to stop and take care of your needs. More openness, healing, laughter, presence, and growth is possible when you meet your unmet needs.

Your needs have layers. You are not made up of just this moment, your inner children and their unmet needs live here and now. You are carrying not just your needs but also the unmet needs of your ancestors as well as the cosmos. You have physical needs as well as energetic and quantum needs.

Your needs will never be 100% satisfied. Sometimes you need to compromise and put your energy into surviving the moment and into the needs of others in your life. However, it is possible to hold your hand in your heart and start a conversation with yourself and tell yourself even if it isn’t right now, you hear your needs and you’ll make time and space to meet them when you can. Sometimes your inner child just needs an assurance that you haven’t abandoned her/him/them. Here’s a 10 minute free meditation from the Tending To Your Needs Online Course that will guide you through doing just that.

Your needs are sacred. Your needs, as well as anybody else’s needs, matter. Your light matters. In meeting your needs, you are beginning to heal generations and generations of unmet needs and becoming a light resource for the people you love.

Your needs aren’t optional. They are requirements in order to survive and thrive in life.

Becoming an advocate for your needs starts with you. You are solely responsible for meeting your needs with or without help. You are solely responsible for communicating your needs and taking action to solicit help. You are solely responsible to listen to your needs every single day, and if necessary multiple times during the day.

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