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Written By Liz Oakes

Green Prehnite BuddhaGreen Prehnite Buddha

What is spiritual health, and what is the link between your health and your spirituality?

Do you personally feel that your spirituality has any bearing on your health, and can using crystals help you to have improved spiritual health?

The first thing is to define spiritual health. The words “spiritual” and “health” to many people are two separate issues.

Many people do not understand that these two issues are inextricably

When you define your health and link it to your spirituality you
might like to consider what makes you look at a person and feel that
they have good spiritual health?

This is of course based on your
personal experiences in the past and how you live your own life.

In a
personal sense each of us have to work out what we feel is the answer to
what is spiritual health.

What Is Spiritual Health?

Is it important to your health that you live your life in a way so that you feel comfortable with who you are in a spiritual sense?

And what does that mean to you? When you think about what is spiritual health, you begin to wonder how would you go about achieving improved spiritual health.

Using crystals as part of the process can be a great advantage. My
passion is using crystals, and a good part of the use of crystals is
finding crystals that improve your life.

So how does this work,
and how will crystals help you in your life? Most people know know that
meditation on a regular basis is extremely helpful.

Manifestation QuartzManifestation Quartz has a strong spiritual vibration

But did you know that combining this practice with crystals may be advantageous? Going into the silence in meditation, and making contact with your higher self is very beneficial.

you become comfortable with the process you may develop new gifts, and
you may make contact with your spirit guides,  and this too can help
your life.

Meaning of Spirituality

It is important that the meaning of spirituality is defined at this point.

If you ask me, What is spirituality? I would tell you that my definition of spirituality is strongly linked to the belief that the soul, or higher self, continues on after the physical death of the body.

So if you believe that, you keep it in mind, and you begin to live your life in a new way. If you are wondering what is spiritual health, perhaps you might like to
think about the factors in insuring that you have excellent spiritual

Achieving Spiritual Health 

Doctors and natural health practitioners all over the planet are working to improve the health of the population.

Most people are now aware that it has been proved that how a patient feels within themselves, is the deciding factor on whether they have good health or not.

As many more of you take up doing meditation, you will find an
improvement in many areas of your health.

Allowing yourself to experience the inner stillness and tranquility of meditation is one of the best ways to relieve stress.

Quieting your mind in meditation or saying a prayer if it is your belief, will help you to let go of the stress and tension within your life.

As you work out how to be happy, one aid to this is doing daily
meditation. You may choose to
also use crystals for happiness in meditation, such as Peridot, Citrine, Green Tourmaline or Chrysanthemum Stone.

Definition of Spiritual Health

What is spiritual health on a day to day basis? What you define as a good thing spiritually may be different to me.

some of you it may be spending time with loved ones, a walk on the
beach or taking in beautiful scenery that takes your breath away.

for all the crystal lovers, holding a beautiful piece of crystal that
helps you to feel calmer can help you a lot. You may like to choose a stone that is known to specifically have a calming action as this one of the methods to relieve stress.

If you live your life with integrity and in line with a spiritual belief system of some sort, you are able to live a happier life. So the definition of spiritual health starts to become clearer.

Your state of mind is crucial, and the link between spirituality and
happiness, to a large degree comes back to the degree of comfort you
feel with yourself, and the way you live your life.

We all want to
have more of the “good” things in life, and good health, happiness and
feeling comfortable with who we are, is an important factor spiritually.

Playing a vigorous game of sport, playing in the park with the children on the week-end, or simply sharing a cup of tea or coffee or a drink with a friend, and sharing your thoughts and feelings.

By both being a friend and having a friend you raise your vibration, and
these good vibrations create an improvement in your overall
spirituality and health.

When you think about what is spiritual health, you begin to wonder how would you go about achieving improved spiritual health.

Meditation on a regular basis is extremely helpful. Going into the silence, and making contact with your higher self is very beneficial.

What Is Spiritual Health: Which Stones To Use?

As you become comfortable with the meditation process and you find your spirit guides, you may develop a range of psychic gifts, and these too can help your life.

Using crystals as part of the process can be a great advantage.

My passion is using crystals, and a good part of the use of these helpful stones is finding crystals or stones that improve your life. So how does this work, and how will using them help you in your life?

I use crystals in my daily life, to raise the vibration of my home. They
do this simply by their presence, as they all have a natural vibration.

Colors are vibrations too, and the beauty of the colors of the stones
will create good vibrations.

Many varieties of quartz have specific energy that will improve your life. Some examples are pink Rose Quartz Crystals, that hold the energy of love and may help relationships.

Citrine Crystals are the clear bright yellow stones, that hold the energy of abundance and prosperity and will also stimulate your mind.

Quartz crystals are powerful aids that are commonly used for quartz crystal healing, as they are amplifiers of energy, and can be programmed for specific purposes.

One of the more well known and quite beautiful stones are Purple Amethyst Crystals, which make a connection to the Divine mind.

They are what many people classify as the more spiritual stones. Again this does come back to your definition of spiritual. They are also powerful violet flame healing crystals.

All crystals have natural crystal energy within them, and this varies
between crystals. Some crystals have higher vibrations than others, and
are the chakra stones for the higher more ‘spiritual’ chakras.

The gifts that the high vibration stones will stimulate should more
accurately be called psychic powers.  There we see the blurring of the
lines between spirituality and psychic gifts.

My thoughts on what is spiritual health would be, that if you are comfortable with your spirituality you feel happier. This emotional response to life creates a feeling of being more at ease with yourself. 

This in turn helps you to get on to the path to being happy, as you fill yourself with good vibrations! If you are comfortable and peaceful within yourself, this energy spreads out from you into the entire world.

This is a strong vibration that has the potential to affect everyone, for the better. And good spiritual health is the result.

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Note: When you use the vibration of crystals to help and support your healing remember that crystals are part of an holistic approach to your health.

Metaphysical healing uses universal energy so does not stand alone and can be used with any other type of healing. 

Using the energy of crystals for healing yourself is about finding a way to enhance conventional medicine not replace it. So always seek out medical treatment for any worrying health issue.

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