I started to watch a new Netflix series about a guy who is struck by lightning, starts to glow, and realizes that he has healing powers. My husband asked me this morning what I would do if he started to glow. The truth is he already glows. There have been quite a few times I could see his aura shining out while we were sitting together.
The first time I saw a person glow was when I attended a workshop by another Healer, Rhonda Lenair. When she spoke I could see her glow with an internal light that felt like love. I could see her send waves and waves of that light and love to the audience as she was talking. I also see this in my podcast guests, as we go deeper into the conversation, I can see some of them light up from within and that light shines out through the Zoom screen as well as the recording. I see this while watching some spiritual talks online too. I have had a few people comment to me while interviewing me or watching one of my videos about seeing my light shine as I spoke. That is because every time I speak, hold a healing, or create online healings or content, my intention is to be a vessel of LOVE.

These things happen already and they are not the point. LOVE is the point. Holding yourself, people, beings, your environment, Earth, crystals, and EVERYTHING in love is the point. Speaking with love is the point. Being in love is the point. Reaching towards what you love is the point. Not whether you glow or not.

Love and healing flows out of your every pore when you take care of your nervous system and consciously fill yourself with love. A person filled with love (a Healer) can send you healing with their eyes, their arm, their pinkie finger, their torso, their words, and their entire being. A healer knows this fact and imbues everything they do with love, whether it is a healing session, a YouTube video, giving a talk or a training, or moving through their everyday life.

I hope that you choose to be a Healer today. I hope you become aware of the immense power and LOVE you hold. I hope you choose to take responsibility to heal your energetic wounding and take care of your nervous system everyday so that you can shine the brightest. I hope you understand that moving towards what you love and what gives you joy is a service to you and everyone around you. I hope more of us REALIZE that we already shine and glow when we are filled with LOVE.

With love and light,


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