Let’s jump in and talk about crystal chakra healing and balancing.

Crystal chakra healing is a powerful way that you can work with your crystals. It’s really easy and has lots of benefits.

crystal chakra healing

Note: there’s so much to share with you on this topic! So, I’ll be writing this as a 3 part series. 🙂

In this blog, I’ll break the How & Why with some science thrown in! Let’s go!

The Science behind Crystal Chakra Healing

We’re going to talk about the seven main chakras. Although we have more chakras than the seven main ones, these are the most well-known. The seven main chakras are the major portals or energy hubs on our body and include the Root, Sacral, Solar Plexus, Heart, Throat, Third Eye, and Crown chakras.

crystal chakra healing

Distance chakra healing is a component of my Crystal Practitioner Course.

Each chakra has a corresponding color associated with it. Starting at the Root chakra straight up to the Crown chakra, the colors are really easy to memorize because they follow the color of the rainbow, which always follows the same order:

  • Red
  • Orange
  • Yellow
  • Green
  • Blue
  • Indigo
  • Violet

Remember from school? ROY G BIV?

I can’t resist …

As I mentioned, that’s the same color sequence the chakras follow. And it’s no coincidence that they’re in the same sequence. It’s just science. 😉

Among other correspondences, each chakra is also linked with a specific body part, specific body function & certain emotions.

Vibrational Frequency

One book I highly recommend you get to learn more about this is: Vibrational Healing Through the Chakras: With Light, Color, Sound, Crystals, and Aromatherapy by Joy Gardner

Each chakra has a specific vibrational frequency.

See colors, or more specifically “light” in various frequencies that we can see with our eyes, is just a tiny part of the electromagnetic spectrum (EM spectrum).

The colors (light frequencies) arrange themselves in order of decreasing vibrational wavelengths. Of these specific light frequencies, red is the longer wavelength (lower frequency), and violet is the shortest wavelength (higher frequency). Stick with me here. 😉

Electromagnetic-Spectrum.svg | Crystal Chakra Healing

Everything on the EM spectrum is a type of light. Just a little smidge of the spectrum is the visible light that we can see with our eyes. The chakras encompass all these colors that we can see. Each one has a very specific vibrational frequency.

In summary, each chakra has a specific vibrational frequency and a color that it expresses itself as.

These specific frequencies are aligned to certain known energies. And this allows us to focus on one aspect at a time. For instance, if we want to zero in on anxiety and fear, we can focus our attention on the Root chakra and improve it efficiently by just focusing on that one particular chakra.

I’ve found chakra work to be very efficient and highly effective for clearing out all sorts of energetic imbalances.

Over the years, I’ve heard this type of thing said stated repeatedly:

“I’ve been going to therapy for a long time; going to see a therapist, a psychiatrist, etc. to work on my fear and anxiety issues.”

Keep on trucking! Therapy is a powerful healing resource for many. But, I’ll add — working on healing your chakras and balancing and clearing your charkas is also powerful work and can have a tremendous healing impact.

It’s been shown that if someone has been working on a specific issue for a long time, once that person addresses the associated chakra and specifically works on clearing and balancing that chakra, in most instances, the issue clears itself up much quicker. For most, there are better results by incorporating chakra work (crystal chakra healing alone or in conjunction with therapy). Of course, this won’t be the case for everyone every time.

crystal chakra healing

Laying on of stones to restore and balance chakras with crystal energy

More Science & Chakras?

As a former science teacher and department chair, I can’t help but teach more physics here— it’s the backbone of my crystal teachings! In my Certified Crystal Practitioner Course, I teach all about the principle of entrainment when working with the chakras.

Entrainment is a physics principle that basically says that energy of a higher amplitude will dominate and influence a similar frequency of lower amplitude.

For real! This is often demonstrated using tuning forks. When the tuning forks are tuned to the same frequency, if I were to ring one with a lot of energy (high amplitude) and then ring a second just gently (with a little bit of amplitude), the higher amplitude will dominate and influence the lower amplitude tuning fork. Therefore, the second tuning fork will get louder and raise its energy (become higher amplitude) because the higher amplitude will dominate the lower amplitude.

Why do I even bring this up?

Because we humans will also entrain with the higher amplitude energy.

If there is a similar frequency that comes into our environment and happens to be of higher amplitude, it’s going to raise us to match its frequency…until we become a vibrational match.

Now…this is a big foundational brick of my teachings.

And you guessed it! A crystal can influence our energetic field and raise our vibration.

A crystal is always going to be a higher amplitude frequency because it has a more stable frequency in its inherent molecular structure.

Say What?

The crystal’s unwavering stable frequency is because the crystal has a very precise atomic structure.

Sodium chloride molecule | Crystal Chakra Healing

Sodium chloride molecule (salt crystal)…look at that precise crystal structure!

That’s what makes a crystal a crystal.

A crystal has a precise geometric pattern in its molecular blueprint.

Although we are human and we’re made of some crystals, we are not entirely crystalline. So, we are not as geometrically perfect as a crystal.

Not even close.

Crystals are going to be in a higher amplitude energy field than us due to their geometric perfection.

We’re going to entrain with the amplitude of their higher energy when similar frequencies are present.

OK! Let’s get back to the Crystal Chakra Healing

So, if you have a chakra that’s out of balance. For example, let’s say my Third Eye is completely whacked out, (just for example purposes, let’s say this.) 😉🧿

To help bring it back into balance, I can take a nice Amethyst natural point and place that on my Third Eye.

crystal chakra healing

The Amethyst has a vibrational frequency similar to my Third Eye, but its higher amplitude energy and frequency are more stable because of its crystalline structure.

Therefore, the Amethyst crystal is going to stabilize my Third Eye chakra vibrationally.

My Third Eye is going to entrain with that similar frequency. It’s going to move into resonance with the similar yet more precise and higher amplitude vibration of the Amethyst crystal.

Crystals have higher amplitude due to that geometric perfection…due to that, they are going to clear out and balance our chakras, making them more stable, entraining them with their higher amplitude energy. This effectively changes the emotional and biochemical state of that chakra to the correct frequencies and also helps to maintain stability.

Color and Crystal Chakra Healing

Each chakra will entrain with the specific vibrational frequency of its color. For instance, the Third Eye chakra’s color is indigo, so it entrains with indigo.

This is certainly not the only chakra balancing method, but it’s a very easy one; simply choose a crystal within the same color family as the chakra you’d like to balance. So for the Third Eye, indigo-colored stones like Lapis Lazuli, Iolite, or Amethyst are great to work with.

lapis lazuli from Pakistan

Lapis Lazuli from Pakistan

Or for the Heart chakra, Green Aventurine, Jade, or Green Tourmaline would be perfect.

green aventurine

Luscious Green Aventurine tumbled stones.

Matching up the color is a pretty good way to go.

crystal chakra healing

Some people will say…

“You shouldn’t match the color of the chakra to the stone because whatever color you’re seeing is actually the color that’s being reflected and not absorbed by the stone. That’s not actually the color of the stone.”

And my response is,

“Yup. And that’s EXACTLY what I’m looking for, because if that’s the light frequency that’s being reflected and bounced off, then that’s the color that’s bathing the environment of the chakra.”

That’s exactly what we want. Right? I think it’s a great way to do it. Not to mention that I have confirmation from case study after case study, as do my students.

Color works!

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So that wraps up the first part of this Charka Series. Check back soon, and we’ll be publishing part two.

What do you think? Do you vibe with the color strategy for balancing chakras? Have you tried it on yourself or others? Tell me in the comments.

Crystal Blessings,

Super Crystal Blessings to you,

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