Thanksgiving is the time to celebrate our many blessings in the company of friends and loved ones – to set intentions and enjoy the abundance that is already present in our lives in new and meaningful ways. On Thanksgiving, we celebrate the circle of giving and receiving, with renewed gratitude for the never-ending cycle of abundance. When we feel and express gratitude, we honor, emanate and magnetize it. In a profoundly beautiful way, our thankfulness is the affirmation of life, creation, and Source.

Practicing gratitude allows us to welcome positive thoughts, which makes us happier and healthier. Gratitude changes the heart’s rhythm faster than any other positive reaction or feeling, and when we vibrate with the energy of gratitude, we impact those around us. These positive feelings turn into positive actions. Your body then radiates with gratitude and grows with thankfulness – every prayer, heartfelt moment, second of acknowledgment, and authentic praise makes a difference, raises the vibration, and releases a shower of shimmering light upon us all.

This Thanksgiving, as you gather with friends and family, in the traditions of your choosing, I encourage you to affirm your gratitude with words – as words with intention literally become form that can change the world. I also encourage you to offer a stranger compassion, a helping hand, or a home-cooked meal with genuine acceptance. Acceptance goes beyond the offering; it translates into the acceptance of our interconnectedness and inherent value. Be thankful for the bird’s morning song, cream in your coffee, an unexpected smile from a stranger, the roof over your head, the ability to read this blog or the love in your life. When you fully receive the gifts of each moment, and the beauty in all that surrounds you, life gives you more of these very things, and so much more.

In the spirit of Thanksgiving, open yourself to the entire Universe by opening the floodgates of gratitude and abundance. Everything, from the design of your fingernail to your connection to others, comes from the infinite love of Source. I wish you a wonderful Thanksgiving with family and friends – surrounded by the people you love and food that nourishes your body and spirit.


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