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Noumeite also called GarnieriteNoumeite also called Garnierite

This page has crystal meanings for stones with a name that starts with the letter N.

While there are not a large number of stones in this category, check the pictures below to see what’s here.

Just below you’ll find a grid containing pictures and each picture has its name under it. If the name is highlighted, this means that its a link to another page.

In that case you can click on it to go to another page to find out more information on the stone.

Crystal Meanings Alphabetically:N

While there are not a large number of stones in this alphabetic category, there are some quite potent stones listed there.

If they do not have a link below the name, you will find more information about them below the grid.

In addition, further down the page is a list of the stones in the N alpha group, with the chakras that have been found to be stimulated by these stones.

Crystal Meanings For Stones: N

Nebula StoneNebula Stone


The Crystal Meanings: N

Nebula Stone

Nebula Stone helps to bring spiritual light into the body and will infuse you quite quickly with this beautiful energy.

This stone is an interesting mixture of quite a few minerals, including Aegirine, quartz, Feldspar and Epidote.

Nebula StoneNebula Stone

So it may be of value to read the crystal meanings of these minerals in their various alphabetic areas.

they come together in this stone, they have create some quite
interesting metaphysical attributes, which are quite powerful to

By also grounding this light down into the earth, it helps you to
have a enhanced recognition, that you are a spiritual being having a
physical experience on earth. 

It helps to expand your
understanding of why you are here, and may stimulate the birth of
psychic abilities or the knowledge of gifts you have.

It can also be
used to assist healing due to its action to release toxins from the


Nepheline  enhances creativity at the sacral chakra, and
heightens vitality and energy at the base chakra. Its energy mainly
relates to the chakras from the heart down.


This is a greenish mineral often found mixed with other stones. Its
vibration at the heart chakra brings through the energy of love, and
stimulates your personal power at the solar plexus.

Its energy is
excellent for meditation as it helps you to seek out the truth about
what you are looking for via the meditative process.

It may help
you to see the deeper meaning of illusions shown to you. It is a quite
calming stone, yet at the same time stimulating.


Neptunite is a stone with an exuberant energy that helps you to
find solutions to problems, and ways to reach your goals.

Through the
solar plexus it stimulates your personal power, and helps to align the
base and sacral chakras.


The crystal meanings also relate to the way its energy helps you to
let go of resentment or anger about situations in your life that you are
finding difficult.

This energy helps you to understand when you
are deceiving yourself or others, but in a non-judgmental way, and it
helps you to focus on finding solutions.

It assists you to see
illusions or areas in your life that you may need to look at more
carefully, in order to see the reality of the situation. 

resonates with the energy of the moon, and may stimulate intuition or
other psychic gifts that may have already begun to develop.

Noumeite aka Garnierite

Noumeite is another name for Garnierite stones, and this name
relates to the fact that they were first found in Noumea, but were
renamed when they were found to be the same stone as Garnierite.


Their crystal meanings relate to their lovely heart based vibration.
Within the thymus or higher heart chakra, they stimulate compassion and
strong feelings of love.

They may assist you if you wish to acquire more things, and they may be known as the “stone of accumulation”.

You may use them if you are doing games of chance to increase your chance of winning. Combine them with other stones that boost the way the LOA works such as Peridot or Citrine Crystals.

you are a single person, a single parent or simply someone who lives on
your own, they may help your to increase your level of self confidence
and independence.


Nunderite – the name of
this stone is confusing to some people as there was a similar looking
stone known as Nundoorite found on Nundoora Station near Broken Hill.

have been told that this stone selling as Nunderite comes from Nundle
in NSW, and these two locations are a long way apart (around 1000km)

So it is likely that this stone is not the same as the one found on Nundoora Station and since depleted.

The Nundoorite was said to be a mix of albite, aegerine, nepheline and natrolite which sounds quite different to the stone about which I am speaking.


Yes these names are similar and this may be confusing, but this stone does have some useful metaphysical properties.

The stone now selling as Nunderite is said to be brown Andalusite with green patches of Epidote

Having a piece on you may assist you to be overlooked, as it is said to
aid you to remain anonymous and to blend in when desirable.

stone meanings relate to it being known to strengthen the heart and your
overall well-being.

It stimulates spiritual insight and foresight, and
may prevent you from making mistakes, by letting you know prior to an
event if it is going to cause you a problem.

Specific Chakras – List Of Chakra Stones Alpha Group N

Soul Star Chakra: Natrolite, Nirvana Quartz

Crown ChakraNebula Stone, Nirvana Quartz, Nuummite

Third Eye Chakra:  Natrolite, Nirvana Quartz, Nuummite

Throat Chakra: Nirvana Quartz

Higher heart Chakra: Nirvana Quartz

Heart Chakra: Nebula Stone, Nepheline, Nirvana Quartz

Solar Plexus Chakra: Nepheline, Neptunite, Nirvana Quartz

Sacral Chakra: Nepheline, Neptunite, Nirvana Quartz

Base Chakra: Nebula Stone, Nepheline, Neptunite, Nuummite, Nirvana Quartz

Earth Chakra: Nebula Stone, Nuummite

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