Since ancient times, bathing has been an important lifestyle practice. From the famous Roman and Turkish baths to Cleopatra’s routine soaks in milk, people have been taking regular “time-outs” to recharge in the cleansing waters of the bath. The word “spa” actually derives from the Latin phrase “Sanus per Aquam” which means “health through water.” It’s natural to submerge in water – our first home, really. We all started out peacefully floating in the womb; taking a bath can be a symbolic return to that feeling of comfort and potential. In this Simple Magic Series: Recapturing Ancient Bath Magic blog I’ll show you five simple ways to turn your bathing time into a sacred ritual.

5 Simple Ways to Turn Your Bathing Time into a Sacred Ritual

1) Reconnect with the water element

Water is the element of emotion, intuition, and flow. When we connect with it, we can return to ourselves in a truly nurturing way. We can recognize our feelings, validate our needs, and tap into our deep psychic abilities. Allowing your body to indulge in a mindfully-drawn bath can be an act of real self-love. You deserve that! One easy way to tap into the fluidity of water is visualization. As you soak, imagine you are a river or an ocean, your entire being a seemingly endless body of water in which all of your emotions flow freely. They are all acceptable, they all belong, and they move effortlessly in the rhythm of their own current. Release the need to control or edit your feelings and soften into them instead.

2) Make yourself a priority

If you’re like me, your days are busy with the responsibilities of work and family. It’s challenging to carve out time for ourselves, but we have to make this a priority. Whether you feel like it or not, you are a goddess who deserves to be loved-up by the most important person in your life- YOU! When you take the time to fill yourself up, you have more to offer everyone else, and your cup never runs dry. Like The Star card of the Tarot, your bathing ritual can be an experience of healing, appreciation for your body, and spiritual connection.

3) Include gemstones and oils 

So how does a goddess turn a typical bath into a magical ritual? Add your favorite tools, of course! Are you all about crystals, or do you love a good essential oil (or 12!?) You can make this as basic or elaborate as you want; it’s all about creating a practice that will leave you feeling revitalized. I love to begin with salts or a bath bomb and add my favorite oils of the moment. Lavender is always a go-to when I need to relax, and frankincense is a quick and easy way to create sacred space. Remember, oils represent the water element, so by incorporating them you are turning up the volume. You can even drop in a few cinquefoil leaves to soak up some prosperity magic! The possibilities are endless.  

You know I always have to have my crystals around, so I like to surround the tub with candles and the stones that will help me tune in. If you’re new to crystals and not sure what to select, rose quartz is a great option for magnifying love and acceptance, and who couldn’t use more of that?

4) Give your bathroom a makeover 

Enhance the ambiance of your bathroom by keeping it clean and free of clutter. After you’ve gone through there with your favorite cleaning products and scrub brushes, allow it to air out so you have a neutral starting place from which to add your chosen scents. Consider changing the light bulbs to a softer tint and temperature. After all, does anyone love looking at themselves under fluorescent lighting? Play some music that makes you feel good and helps you leave your worries on the other side of the door. Create a space that fully supports your goal of relaxation and loving attention.

5) Make your shower your temple

If you’re already super-excited about crafting your ritual but don’t have (or want to use) a tub, don’t worry! You can take this all into the shower. Place a crystal or two in the soap dish, and put a candle on the counter. Create your own scrub by blending salts with jojoba and other oils, and as you polish your skin remember that you are also clearing your auric field. You can turn a typical rinse into an experience of meditation and self-love.

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