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The properties of crystals and stones that start with the I is what this section of my site relates to.

It only contains information about stones that start with I.

If you are looking for something else check my sitemap, see link at the bottom of the page. First see the list of stones in the picture grid below.

Iolite SunstoneIolite Sunstone

Any crystals that has its own page written will have a link under the picture, making it easy to find what you are looking for.  

There are quite a few stones in the grid, so take a look.

Properties Of Crystals: I

If the stone has not yet had a page written about, but is in the grid, you’ll find more information below.

If the name of the stone in the grid isn’t a link to another page, check the section below as it will instead feature in a condensed explanation of what it does, straight below these pictures.

Video about Israel Stone also called Eilat Stone

Iceland SparIceland Spar

Iolite SunstoneIolite Sunstone
Iona MarbleIona Marble

Isla RosaIsla Rosa
Israel StoneIsrael Stone

Chakra Stones Starting With I

After the properties of crystals in the I alphabetic section, you will find a table showing all a list of all of the chakras.

After the name of each of the chakras outlined in that table, you will see names of various stones in this alpha section so that you can discover which chakra that they resonate within.

Properties Of Crystals: I

Iceland Spar or Optical Calcite

Iceland Spar was named for the location where it was originally discovered, but it has since been found in other locations.

It is also known as Optical Calcite, and the properties of crystals like these do relate to their action to help your eyesight.

Iceland Spar CalciteIceland Spar

They are wonderful crystals to aid clarity of thought, and they have a
strong resonance within the higher chakras, particularly at the third
eye and crown chakras.

They are helpful to kindle clarity of thought, and are beneficial when placed on the third eye when you are meditating.

Used this way, Iceland Spar may help you to clearly see what is required in
your life. While this crystal was formerly only found in Iceland, other
deposits have now been discovered elsewhere.

It also now comes in a
range of colors other than clear, due to included minerals, and there
are many beautiful colored optical calcite varieties.


Inderite vibrates with a strong energy within the crown chakra,
then it will go on to align all of the chakras, creating contentment and


It is a wonderful stone to release you from the binds of fear caused by beliefs that you may no longer wish to be part of your life.

In particular this refers to strict and orthodox outlooks that create rigidity, and may destroy your ability to be inventive and adventurous in life.

The properties of crystals of Inderite relate to its action to help you to find your own set of personal beliefs, your truth, and to do it calmly, but still feel free to take an adventurous path in a new and maybe different direction.

It aids you to allow yourself to look into new ideas and find out what is right for you, without being stopped by the fear of past ideas and ideals, and it aids decision making.

Its energy will also help you to let go of anger along with the fear, and to go forward with courage when facing new situations. It is a good stone to assist you to manage your money better, and use it more sparingly and so avoid debt.

Iolite Sunstone

Iolite Sunstone is a mixture of metaphysical qualities of both
Iolite and Sunstones.

There are two types of this stone now, one that is a
combined stone, like in the picture just below.

Sunstone IoliteSunstone With Blue Iolite

There is also a new type that was discovered recently and it clearly shows the two minerals which are naturally occurring with each other.

Like Iolite Stones, see above, they have a strong vibration within the third eye chakra, and like Sunstones they bring joy and positive feelings.

The properties of crystals apply to their powerful action to awaken psychic gifts, specifically the ability to utilize prophetic or precognitive visions.

They may also help you to communicate more clearly with spirit guides.

They embody many Iolite qualities, with the added energy from Sunstones that takes the energy down into the lower chakras, where you are able to ground these ideals into your physical existence.

Iona Marble or Scottish Greenstone Marble

Iona Marble is said to come from a small Scottish island in the
Hebrides, but these days the lovely stone may come from other parts of

Iona MarbleIona Marble

This is an island that is a place of magic, and the properties of crystals from here is connected to the energy of the ancient druids who used the island for their ceremonies in the distant past.

This use of the land embodied both the earth of the island and these stones with an energy that may aid the development of supernatural powers.

These yellowish-green and white stones are also said to have good healing attributes, and may aid healing of karmic issues related to Celtic past lives.

The color of these stones, now commonly called Scottish Greenstone Marble, comes from Serpentine, which is naturally blended with the white marble of the area.

Its gemstone meanings became more well known during the reign of Queen Victoria, when this stone became popular to make jewelry.

Prior to that it was traditionally used as a talisman against shipwreck. Other uses have been as protection against fire, and to prevent miscarriage.

Iona MarbleScottish Greenstone Marble

Isla Rosa

Isla Rosa comes from the west coast of Scotland.

It is thought to be a
variety of limestone, with a mineral make-up comprised of Dark Pink Calcite with tiny inclusions of Green Diopside and Black

Isla RosaIsla Rosa

While these stones are not common, it may be beneficial to see if you can find a piece, as there are a number of beneficial properties of crystals like these to help your life.

They are known to stimulate an optimistic approach to your thinking, and may help
to boost motivation and optimism about the circumstances of your life.

These pink stones may aid you to feel grateful for those things in your life that brings
you joy, happiness and optimism, and may trigger a stronger depth of
appreciation for what you have.

Specific Chakras – List Of Chakra Stones For I Alpha Group

Soul Star Chakra: Iceland Spar

Crown Chakra: Iceland Spar, Imperial Topaz, Inderite

Third Eye Chakra: Iceland Spar, Inderite, Indicolite Quartz, Indigo Kyanite,
Iolite Stones, Iolite Sunstone

Throat Chakra: Iceland Spar, Inderite, Indicolite Quartz,

Higher Heart Chakra: Iceland Spar, Inderite, Indicolite Quartz

Heart Chakra: Iceland Spar, Inderite, Inesite, Iona Marble, Isla Rosa

Solar Plexus Chakra: Iceland
Spar, Imperial Topaz, Inderite, Iolite Sunstones, Iona Marble, Iron

Sacral Chakra: Imperial Topaz, Inderite, Iolite Sunstones

Base Chakra: Iceland Spar,
Ilvaite, Inderite, Iron Pyrite

Earth Chakra: Iceland Spar, Ilvaite, Iron Pyrite

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