by Pascal


Hi everybody! First, sorry my English, it’s not my mother language. I searched for a spiritual stone for helping me to meditate. I searching through the net & I found that Phenacite – Phenakite was maybe a stone for me. But I don’t know where I can get it on the net. Liz (Thank you Liz!) advice me for getting one.

I found a BIG Russian Phenacite, who intergrown with Seraphinique. The stone is not very beautiful but very powerful for 3rd eye!! When I use it for meditation, I’ve got always like a kind a ‘headache’ or pressure on my 3rd eye.. Same time, I feel like filled up of energy, sometime I see white light also.

So I continue my meditation in awareness, but I don’t know what it is I can really can do with this energy, apart to stay in awareness during my meditation. Because I’m newbie with crystal energy.

I’m very happy with my Phenacite, I respect his power!!

Thank you Pascal

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