by Trudy

(Southern Illinois)

Two crystals I have always been drawn too are rose quartz and bloodstone. So needless to say, I have many pieces of rose quartz placed around my home. I also carry it everyday in my pocket and find the positive energies it brings to my workplace are nothing short of a miracle.

I work in a very negative atmosphere and it was always bringing me down. Once I started carrying my rose quartz, it made those who had been negative actually start being pleasant. I also carried hematite which is supposed to deflect negativity but lost it out of my pocket.

That is when it appeared to improve my situation so maybe I was supposed to lose it and just kept my rose quartz. Recently I just started carrying kunzite with me. No changes noted but I have a “feel” for it. No changes noted either carrying my bloodstone, but I also feel it is one of my stones. Thanks for this wonderful site!

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