by Marie

I feel fear or anxiety when I look at my silver wrapped large Labradorite with a tiny Topaz. I first saw it online, because I was looking for Elven jewellery at the time.

Previously in my life all I saw was that these crystals were rocks formed from earth. I knew nothing about psychic, astrology or healing knowledge as I was told by my parents it’s all make-believe stuff (Christian and atheist is their perspective). But I just loved the look of the pendant.

However, when I start really looking at the picture of the pendant, wearing, and touching it, I felt anxiety about the unknown.

It feels foreign, almost negative? I feel it right in my heart/chest area. I don’t know if its a wrong stone for me or if it’s not cleansed. Is it because I’m an Aquarius? Am I overthinking? I really have no idea despite my research. Sometimes I feel good with it, sometimes I’m not. I still wear it from time to time.

You may not believe me on this one. My childhood experience was with telekinesis. I was obsessed with the idea of moving objects with unknown force we can’t see or telepathy before I had to solely focus improving my language disorder at school. I was wearing a tooth-shaped carnelian at the time.

I didn’t know much about stones but I had a feeling I should wear it when I attempted to practice on the PSI wheel. When I succeeded moving a PSI wheel two times, I had an intense headache for weeks! I stopped a long time ago and I gave that pendant away to my older sister. I wish to try again to understand what telekinesis is since high school is finished. Is Carnelian connected to telekinesis?

I wish to understand the universe with science and possibly this magic crystal category? I don’t know where to start other than my familiarity with sciences.

I admit I don’t believe in gods but what I know is that we have each other in the universe. There were people in the past who learned a lot and are in some sort of afterlife. There are many possibilities of what is out there. Maybe that’s the core reason of my reaction to my pendant?

Am I overthinking this or is this something more? Thank you for taking your time to read my odd stories. I don’t know who else to tell.

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