Stones In The L Section Of The Alphabet


This is the section for stone properties and crystal meanings for the L part of the alphabet.  

It provides information on the healing crystals for you to learn about in the alphabetic area for stones that begin with L.

To make it easier for you to find out if the stone you are interested in is covered here, there is a photo grid below, just for the stones written about in the L section. 

Use these pictures to help you to discover if there is information on a particular stone you wish to know about. You will see the name of each stone under their picture.

You may also see that a good number of the names of the crystals and stones are highlighted with a link. 

This means that they have their own specific article written about them. 

L Section of Stone Properties

If you click on these links you will go to another page about that stone, where you can read about it in detail. 

This allows you to learn a lot more about the particular stone meanings and the metaphysical and healing attributes of the specific crystal.

Any crystal that does not yet have its own individual page written yet, has a short paragraph below about the stone.

You can discover the stone properties of all other stones in the photo grid by clicking the link to go to their own page.

Stone Properties: L

Lapis Lace OnyxLapis Lace Onyx

Lava StoneLava Stone

Lavender QuartzLavender Quartz
Lazulite with Kyanite and PyriteLazulite with Kyanite and Pyrite

Lemon QuartzLemon Quartz
Lemurian JadeLemurian Jade
Leopardskin JasperLeopardskin Jasper

Lepidolite QuartzLepidolite Quartz

Limb CastLimb Cast
Limestone GarnetLimestone Garnet

Lodalite QuartzLodalite Quartz

If you are interested in discovering which chakras that a certain stone is associated with, following all of the individual stone meanings there is another list.

This is a specific chakra stones list for this section alone. The chakra table shows which chakra the stone may heal.

See a list of individual chakras and note that there are links to their page in case you aren’t sure of what the meaning of that chakra are and why you might find it beneficial to work with.

Stone Properties – L


Lamprophyllite has a good grounding action, and it helps to keep
you connection to the energy of the earth while doing work in the higher


The stone properties help to stimulate useful ideas that are very clear, and easy to interpret in the flow of your life and your purpose.

It has a good action to inspire your thinking, prompting an ability to develop and to better understand thoughts and experiences of a precognitive or prophetic nature.

It is said to have a good healing action for issues in the stomach and may assist the remedy of burns of the skin.

Lapis Lace Onyx

Lapis Lace Onyx is the trade name given to a stone by crystal sellers, that was
discovered fairly recently in Turkey.

The name is completely wrong as it
does not contain either Lapis or Onyx! Weird hey? So what is it?

is also called Blue Scheelite which is also not correct as the blue
color in the stones comes from Blue Dolomite combined with Scheelite.

Lapis Lace OnyxLapis Lace Onyx

The blue Dolomite occurs in stripes
along with yellow, white or golden yellow Scheelite stripes in a base of
calcite. Lapis Lace Onyx does have a lovely lacey appearance,
hence the name.

The stone was given that unusual (made up) name as it isn’t just
Scheelite, nor is it just Dolomite, but a unique blend of three
minerals, all of which have powerful stone properties in their own

These attractive crystals have a strong resonance within
the throat chakra, to aid communication and in particular to assist
truthful speech. They also assist other chakras to more easily come into
alignment and are known to clear energetic blocks.

They have a
soothing and calming energy that assists stress and tension. Their
vibration is supportive in a number of other ways, including to help
your spiritual growth.

They are also thought to aid creativity and
are known to help you to be more organized, which we can all use, and
they help to bring all members of a group together to aid you to work in
a unified manner.


Larvikite is a lovely dark colored feldspar from Larvik in Norway.

Like many dark stones this crystal has a good spiritual grounding energy, and will help you to make a better connection with the natural world.


The stone properties of this crystal also relate to the higher chakras, and its action to make a connection at the throat chakra, third eye and crown chakra.

It may be helpful to use for spirit journeys to make contact with ancestor spirits, and may aid you to make a connection with your spirit guide. 

It is known to help you to make sense of dreams which have deep spiritual meanings, and may assist you to learn new ideas, so may be beneficial to utilize if you are studying.

Lava Stone

Lava Stone is also
known as Basalt, and is the result of an eruption of a volcano at some
time in the past, which created lava which over time cooled then
solidified into these rocks.

Lava StoneLava Stone

Their stone properties relate to the way they embody the vibration of all of the four elements within them, as they were part of the process that created them.

As these stones also contain the powerful energy of the volcano that created them, this means that they are excellent to aid healing, especially when you are feeling depressed or lacking energy and vitality.

Rounded shaped stones have an association with feminine energy, and long pointed stones embody male energy. A combination of both stones were used in the past in fertility rituals to aid conception of a child.

Lavender Quartz

Lavender Quartz is a variety of Rose Quartz that contains extra lithium which makes them a lovely lilac or lavender pink color.

Lavender QuartzLavender Quartz

This makes it look more like Amethyst but has enough pink in it for you to recognize that it is a type of Rose Quartz, and they make gorgeous gemstone jewelry too.

The stone properties of this lavender colored stone is similar to Rose Quartz in some respects, in that they create a strong heart chakra connection.

As well they also make a good connection with the third eye chakra. This energy means that they will help you with developing psychic gifts, such as clairsentience, clairaudience and psychic visions.

This is a lovely stone that brings peace and serenity, relief from
depression, anxiety and tension. The high level of lithium is very
helpful to relieve stress.


Lazulite is a lovely blue crystal that helps to create a calming
and soothing atmosphere in the area where it is located

It also has a
good healing action that assists bones to repair more quickly.


It helps to stimulate the birth of a range of psychic abilities, including clairaudience, clairsentience, clairvoyance, channeling and telepathic gifts.

It aids you to study for long periods without feeling severe fatigue, and its stone properties also relate to its action to help students to concentrate.

When you are studying it may help your memory, especially if you need to remember lists of facts relating to a specific subject.

Lazulite is a wonderful stone to encourage lucid dreaming, and it is known to
help you to remember your dreams.

This energy can help you to be
inspired or influenced regarding the action you may take in your life,
bringing increased creativity and intuitive guidance.

Lazulite with Kyanite and Pyrite

Lazulite with Kyanite and Pyrite is
unique in that it brings together three highly beneficial minerals that
are all powerful used in meditation.

The lovely silvery Pyrite inclusion is powerful to aid you ground
back to earth after meditation so is a quite advantageous inclusion.

Lazulite with Kyanite and PyriteLazulite with Kyanite and Pyrite

stone properties of both Kyanite and Lazulite help to encourage the
birth of a range of psychic abilities, and have powerful metaphysical
properties that make them beneficial to use in meditation.

helps to bring all of the chakras into alignment and Lazulite has a
calming and soothing vibration that may also boost your memory.

powerful stone for meditation as the combination of the blended energies
of these minerals is said to create an amazing formation within the

This energy is known aid you to cross over between worlds and experience the various etheric layers or worlds located there.

Lemon Quartz

Lemon Quartz can be a naturally occurring variety of Citrine,
that is a lighter and brighter yellow color.

But much of it is created
from Amethyst by heating, along with the addition of iron to accentuate
its brilliant color.

Lemon QuartzLemon Quartz

Many of these stones are quite beautiful, with excellent clarity.  Like
all varieties of quartz, it has a good action to amplify the vibration
of other stones.

The stone properties of Lemon Quartz makes this an excellent stone to use for meditation.

It is known to enhance your creativity, and to promote clarity of thought, via its action within the higher chakras. 

energy is quite stimulating and yet at the same time it is quite gentle
in its action to aid you to manifest those things you desire via its
action at the solar plexus chakra.

Lemurian Jade

Lemurian Jade comes in two types light and dark. 

The darker
stones are commonly called Midnight Lemurian Jade and the slightly
lighter grayish green stone is known as Shadow
Lemurian Jade.

Shadow Lemurian JadeShadow Lemurian Jade

Some of the stone properties of both of the colors are the same, as both are strong psychic protection stones.

Both aid you to have a greater understanding of your connection with the earth and to make a connection with the Divine Feminine.

They will help you to manifest money and bring the energy of gratitude into your life, encouraging you to be grateful for all you have, and all you are on all levels. 

Both the light and dark varieties are good healing stones, as they are supportive of healing the body in a number of ways.

This includes aiding the heart, the immune system and assisting recovery from illness.

Leopardskin Jasper

Leopardskin Jasper is a shamanic stone that was commonly used in the past to make contact with the spirits of animals and of animal guides.

Leopardskin JasperLeopardskin Jasper

It may be used for inner journeying, as its stone properties relate to its energy to bring you a greater understanding of the concepts of light and dark in a spiritual sense.

It may assist you to listen to your inner voice, and to see and understand your personal circumstance more clearly, and this may help you to be guided to find new beneficial situations in your life. 

For healing, use jewelry such as beads that sit against the skin as its energy for healing is specifically helpful if work against the skin.

Lepidolite Quartz

Lepidolite Quartz is a quite beautiful combination of two
crystals that powerfully complement each other.

What you have here is
Lavender Lepidolite growing both within the quartz, and on its outside,
really lovely.

Lepidolite Growing On QuartzLepidolite Quartz

Lepidolite on its own is a wonderful stone to help you if you are stressed, anxious or depressed, as it contains lithium. This combination is an excellent healing stone, that resonates strongly within all of the chakras.

It is a gorgeous stone to have in the bedroom to help you sleep, especially if you are feeling unhappy or depressed.

The vibration of this crystal is beneficial to keep in your vicinity,
and it is helpful to have close to you when you are in need of soothing.

An interesting side note is that the quartz configuration of the crystal pictured here is also in the formation of a Cathedral Quartz, so this is a stunning and unusual piece.

Limb Cast

Limb Cast is a stone that originated as a limb of a tree.

wood in the tree was over time replaced by either agate or opal, to
become the stone known as Limb Cast.

Limb CastLimb Cast

The stone properties of limb cast relate to its action to encourage you to have greater adaptability in relation to the way you organize your thoughts.

This stone helps you to get out and take action in regard to a specific situation in your life, and to know, while you are taking action, whether what you are doing is in alignment with your greatest good.

It is a lovely stone to use in meditation.

It is helpful to allow you to make move your thinking into the state needed to create a life filled with purpose and to allow your creativity to blossom in a way that is right for your specific being.

Limestone Garnet

Limestone Garnet is a type of stone with pieces of brownish orange-red garnet contained within white, or grayish-white limestone.

Limestone GarnetLimestone Garnet

Garnets generally have an energy that stimulates manifestation.

The stone properties of these unusual crystals relate to the way they resonate within the lower three chakras of the body.

This garnet blend works to help you help to manifest those things you desire to come into your life.

They resonate particularly well at the sacral chakra, which relates to enhanced creativity and the possibility of invigorated sexuality.


Limonite are excellent grounding stone, that strongly resonates
within the sacral, base and earth star chakras.

They have a number of stone properties
including the action of these crystals to impart physical strength to


They are strong stones to provide protection against psychic attack, and will help to boost telepathic abilities.

They have a good action to inspire you to reach for those things that you aspire to be or achieve, and may stimulates your mind.

This helps you to create those things you have been desiring to achieve, and helps you to rise above present conditions.

They may help you to remove yourself from circumstances that are not in your interest, even if you are not totally aware of the reason for taking action to walk away from a situation.

Lodalite Quartz or Lodolite

Lodalite Quartz is also known as Lodolite or Lodelite. It
may be found in a number of different colors, and with a variety of
inclusions, mostly within clear quartz.

Lodolite QuartzLodalite Quartz

It is also known as inclusion quartz or garden quartz, as it commonly occurs with what looks like lovely garden scenes in the stone.

This stone is known for its action to aid you to perform psychic surgery. This type of psychic surgery relates to its action to help you to let go of outmoded emotions and outlook on life.

It has a strong shamanic vibration, and it has a strong healing action to aid the body to let go of congestion and blockages.

Luxurianite also called Luxulyanite

Luxurianite is a type of pinkish-orange Granite with inclusions
of Black Tourmaline.

It was named after the place in Cornwall England
that it comes from, so it may also be called Luxulyanite.


It has a number of stone properties, including excellent healing qualities, including to aid stress.

It’s energy is known to boost self confidence and brings a more positive attitude to life.

This stone resonates at the base and earth chakras, and also within the heart chakra.

The Black Tourmaline included within it means that it is a strong grounding and protection stone.

Chakra Stones L

Specific Chakras – List Of Chakra Stones L Alpha Group 

Soul Star Chakra: Labradorite, Lavender Fluorite, Lemurian Quartz, Libyan Desert Glass, Lilac Kunzite, Lithium Quartz

Crown Chakra: Labradorite, Lamprophyllite, Larimar, Larvikite, Lavender Fluorite,
Lavender Quartz, Lavender Smithsonite, Lemon Quartz, Lemurian Seed
Crystals, Lepidolite Quartz, Libyan Desert Glass, Lilac Kunzite, Lilac Lepidolite, Lithium Quartz, Lodalite Quartz

Third Eye Chakra: Labradorite, Lapis Lazuli, Larimar, Larvikite, Lavender Quartz, Lavender Smithsonite, Lazulite, Lemon Quartz, Lepidolite Quartz, Libyan Desert Glass, Lilac Kunzite, Linarite, Lithium Quartz, Lodalite Quartz

Throat Chakra: Labradorite, Lapis Lace Onyx, Lapis Lazuli, Larimar, Larvikite, Lavender Quartz, Lavender Smithsonite, Lepidolite Quartz, Libyan Desert Glass, Linarite, Lithium Quartz

Higher Heart Chakra: Larimar, Lavender Fluorite, Lavender Quartz, Lavender Smithsonite, Lepidocrocite, Lepidolite, Lepidolite Quartz, Libyan Desert Glass, Lilac Kunzite, Linarite, Lithium Quartz

Heart Chakra: Larimar, Lavender Fluorite, Lavender Quartz, Lavender Smithsonite, Lemurian Jade, Lepidocrocite, Lepidolite, Lepidolite Quartz, Lilac Kunzite, Linarite, Lithium Quartz, Luxurianite

Solar Plexus Chakra: Lava Stone, Lemon Quartz, Lepidolite Quartz, Libyan Desert Glass, Limestone Garnet, Lithium Quartz

Sacral Chakra: Leopardskin Jasper, Lepidolite Quartz, Libyan Desert Glass, Limestone Garnet, Limonite, Lithium Quartz

Base ChakraLamprophyllite, Larvikite, Lava Stone, Lemurian Jade, Leopardskin Jasper, Lepidolite Quartz, Libyan Desert Glass, Limestone Garnet, Limonite, Lithium Quartz, Luxurianite

Earth Chakra: Lamprophyllite, Lava Stone, Libyan Desert Glass, Limonite, Lithium Quartz, Luxurianite

Crystal Books

The crystal books shown below are very in-depth crystal reference books. All of the authors have been in the crystal industry for many years, and any one of their books are good to have on hand.

Melody’s Encyclopedia: Love Is In The Earth, is a book that covers more than most. This book gives you so much information, and covers so many crystals that on its own is almost a reference library.

If you wish to read reviews of my favorite Crystal Books Click Here.

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