How many times have you felt disappointed and not appreciated, loved, and understood by the people around you? How many times have you found yourself in a conversation where you felt you aren’t getting what you need or you aren’t being heard? How many days and nights have you spent overthinking, overanalyzing, and over-ruminating about your conversations, relationships, and encounters with others?

Here’s what comes to my mind when I think about this. My daughter had a picture book when she was a toddler. There’s a lost duckling looking for her mom. She keeps asking everyone and everything she meets (including a dog, a chicken, and a bulldozer) the same question: “Are you my mother?”. Isn’t this what you are doing when you ask someone for compassion, love, understanding, and connection?

Here’s the difficult part: someone who is malnourished and not compassionate with themselves cannot nourish you or be compassionate with you. Talking to someone who hasn’t given themselves the nourishment and care that they need is like talking to a wall and hoping that they will see, hear, appreciate, and love you.

We all have a responsibility to meet our energetic needs and heal our wounds with or without help. This is your basic and most human responsibility. When you do meet your needs and take time to nourish yourself, you become the mom you have been looking for and no longer need to keep looking for love where there isn’t.

Let’s chat to figure out your next nourishing and healing steps.

With love, light, and compassion,


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