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AzuriteAzurite is one of the memory boosting stones

Using crystals for memory enhancement may not be something you have ever thought much about.

Then you have found that it is difficult to remember things as well as you previously did.

Or perhaps you are studying and just want to be sure your memory is the best it can be.

There are a number of excellent stones that can help the recall of facts and they help you in a variety of ways.

One of the reasons why you might need help to focus is when you are studying and need to be able to recall information for finals.

Using stones that boost mental clarity, focus and concentration can be beneficial at exam time.

So if you are studying or have found that your memory isn’t as good as it once was this may help.

It may be beneficial to boost your ability to recall facts or ideas by using specific memory boosting crystals.

List Of Best Stones & Crystals For Memory

For some people the desire to have improved memory might relate to aging.

Many people get concerned
when they cannot recall the details of situations from the past or even
to call to mind the specifics of what you did yesterday.

At any
age the inability to summon up details can be stressful, but memory
loss due to aging is something that many of us feel anxiety about and
e happy to take action to ameliorate.

The stones on the list below are what I believe are the best seven crystals that are effective to enhance your memory.

Some of the top seven are fairly well-known but others are not so common.

HematiteNatural Hematite is on the list of crystals to help your memory

There are also more memory boosting stones that can be combined with the top seven to create the best result for those of you who are having difficulty remembering.

Other crystals for memory enhancement are listed below the top seven, because although they can help the memory they are not quite as effective as memory boosters as the top seven.

List Of Top Seven Crystals For Memory Enhancement

  • Azurite
  • Diaspore
  • Hematite
  • Datolite
  • Albite
  • Herderite
  • Green Calcite

of the ways that the stones on the list of best crystals for memory can help
you are common to most of them.

Yet there are some other aspects that
are less common and may relate to your specific circumstances.

read through the properties of the foremost crystals for memory and see
if any of their attributes relate to your specific circumstances.

none of them seem to relate to your needs then check out the others further down the page,
as they may have some different properties that may assist the retention of

Learn More About The Above Crystals For Memory


Azurite is an excellent crystal
for memory enhancement.

It helps to expand your minds ability to
more fully concentrate on the subject you are thinking about.

The vibration of this blue stone stimulates specific areas of the brain that are related to thinking clearly and to concentration.

This aspect makes it helpful for those who are studying, and it helps the mind to make connections between things.

This aspect of Azurite’s energy can be beneficial to assist your memory, as often by making associations you can find the answer to what you were trying to recall.

This energy also helps to relieve stress, anxiety and worry.

This is helpful as sometimes stress prevents the free flow of ideas from the part of the brain where information is stored.


Diaspore helps the overall action of the brain, assisting it to habitually function as well as possible.

It has a good action to generally help your ability to more rapidly recall information.

Many older people begin to worry about the long term implications when memory loss occurs.

So it is fortunate, that like many of the other crystals for memory that its energy also calms stress.

Feeling a degree of pressure when an idea does not readily surface, is common in those who have age related memory issues.

Using one of these stones may be particularly helpful if you are concerned about an inability to quickly recall ideas.

Although this stone is most well known for its action to assist those with age related memory loss, it’s energy may enhance the memory of people of all ages.

The vibration of these crystals may assist with recollection of specific ideas and can help you to pay particular attention to the subject you are working on recalling.

These crystals are also useful for anyone who is studying new subjects as it helps the memory area of the brain to retain the information and to recall it when it is required, such as during exams.

It is common to feel tension or stress when you are doing processes or undertakings that require you to bring information into the working memory in a fairly rapid and focused manner.

So its action to calm you is advantageous and you may be enabled to allow the free flow of information once your level of tension has fallen.

By increasing the memory and focus that is related to the subject, this may enhance your concentration, assisting you to more deeply give attention to the thoughts in question.


Datolite is a high vibration stone known as one of the foremost crystals for memory as it has a unique way of assisting the way your memory works.

They have a powerful action to stimulate the higher etheric chakras and works particularly well to aid the crown chakra.

The vibration of these stones boosts your memory while also helping to enhance problem solving when required.

These crystals are also known to be helpful for those who have memory problems that relate to aging.

Once you have used it for a while you may find that your memory begins to improve.

Their energy is particularly helpful to assist you to recall the finer details of what you have memorized, but they also assist you to let go of trivial details, which may seem a little contradictory.

Note: The differentiation between the major and minor details helps you to more easily recall more important points, without the minor facts interfering when you need to recall specific or important ideas.

Its action to recall ideas combined with its ability to find the solution to problems can be very helpful.

It’s one thing to remember something, another to decide what action to take once you do.


Hematite crystals are particularly well known for the way they
stimulate the brain, and may particularly assist students studying in
the disciplines of mathematics and technical studies.

Because of their action to enhance the memory while also evoking deep thought, they are one of the foremost crystals for memory enhancement.

They also assist the development of logical thought processes.

So if you need to boost the function of your brain in order to help you to study more challenging subjects that require a lot of brain power, this stone may be especially helpful.

They are good healing crystals for you to use before sitting finals, as they help you to feel more peaceful as well as enhancing both your memory and your overall brain function.


Heredite is a particularly strong stone that stimulates and opens
up new pathways within the brain.

This is highly effective to enhance
all aspects of brain function including the memory.

Golden Herderite in particular has an amazing effect to make changes in the brain so if you have been having difficulty recalling information it may be beneficial to utilize it.

Its action to enhance your overall brain development is well known. In addition its vibration  awakens latent powers of your mind and can assist you to make major changes in your life.

It is an interesting high vibration stone that stimulates both the third eye and crown chakra.

When you use it, you can feel it working within your head  simply by holding it in your hand.

While the subject of this page is crystals for memory, this stones energy is effective to assist a large number of brain related issues, as well as boosting psychic gifts and spiritual growth.


Albite: The energy of Albite
stone works within the crown chakra, and its action there is highly
effective to stimulate the brain.

It may also assist you when you’re studying to retain more of the information.

Their vibration aids you to think better by assisting the creation of orderly thought processes, and may also help you to think more clearly and logically.

But what we think of when we consider crystals for memory is stones that help you to bring information stored in the brain out to the thinking brain when you require it.

The energy of these stones may help your memory by allowing you to more easily recall the stored information when you need it to be available, especially if you are as student doing tests.

Green Calcite

Green Calcite is particularly well known for its action to assist
you to recall important details.

Note: all colors of Calcite are
known to be memory boosters due to their good action to stimulate you

The energy of Green Calcite has a good action to stimulate the mind and this is known to assist you to think more clearly as well as to think differently. 

This mental stimulation and the creation of greater mental clarity is recognized to also help your memory to work better.

They are good crystals for memory due to their action to help you to focus your thinking on the details of what you wish to recall, and to aid you to remember specific points related to the issue.

More Crystals For Memory

There are a number of other stones that will assist your memory including Emerald, Sphene, Vivianite, Prophecy Stone, Barite aka Baryte and Pyrite.

See more about the individual stone properties in the section below the images, or check out their specific page.

  • Emerald: The vibration of these crystals helps you to think more clearly and they may also  enhance your memory, aiding you to recall information when needed.
  • Sphene: This is a useful stone to help you to dredge information from the back of your mind. It is particularly helpful to boost your memory when you need to recall extraneous information, and to associate previously remembered facts with current information to gain a greater understanding of a subject. (Putting two and two together, as they say)
  • Marcasite: These stones help you if your memory has been failing, and bring clarity and focus to your thinking.
  • Prophecy Stone: these stones are helpful to boost your memory and may also help you to think more clearly.
  • Thenardite: This stone has a number of unusual attributes, that may be specifically helpful if you often have trouble recalling the particular time when you need to be somewhere such as at appointments.
  • Vivianite: This crystal is said to help younger people who are having difficulty remembering things. May be useful during finals to assist memory and focus when you are studying.
  • Pyrite: known to enhance your memory.
  • All colors of Baryte also spelled Barite: This stone stimulates the higher chakras, which can aid healing of issues in the brain and boost the memory.

How Would You Use The Crystals For Memory?

Many of the stones above are not common.

But for for the stones that are easier to obtain, such as Hematite, Azurite, Hematite or Emerald if possible obtain a piece made into jewelry so that it is easy to keep on your body.

The longer you keep any of these stones close to you the better, as the
longer their vibration is within your aura the more effective it will be
to improve your memory and recall.

If you wish you can simply purchase a piece of the stone to carry in your pocket, or another way to keep stones on your body is in a macrame crystal holder.

Emeralds may be various qualities, with the gemstones being more expensive than the natural stone.

If you wish you can put any of these stones on your bedside so that their energy will help you at night while you sleep.

Many of the above stones are highly beneficial used in meditation, especially those that have a calming, soothing energy.

Many of the less common stones may also be found made into jewelry, but you will need to shop at specialist crystals shops to find them.

Some of the uncommon crystals are potent aids to use for other reasons other than to stimulate memory and recall.

Any stone listed above that has a link under it has its own in-depth page.

So check out the other properties of any crystal that gets your attention, by clicking on the link and reading more about it, to see the other ways that it may benefit you.

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Note: When you use the vibration of crystals to help and support your healing remember that crystals are part of an holistic approach to your health.

Metaphysical healing uses universal energy so does not stand alone and can be used with any other type of healing. 

Using the energy of crystals for healing yourself is about finding a way to enhance conventional medicine not replace it. So always seek out medical treatment for any worrying health issue.

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