Crystals To Boost Imagination

Written By Liz Oakes

Would you like to unlock your imagination?

And what would be the purpose of this? Did you know that you can use your imagination as a tool to improve your life.

So how can you use this part of your mind to make your life better, and live life in a new way? 

Do you want to discover how to approach life from a different perspective?

If you want to live the life of your dreams, how can you use specific crystals to aid the process?

Define Imagination

Before we can use our imagination we need to clearly understand what it is that we are talking about.

We need to define imagination before we are able to unlock its potential.

So lets look at the word, imagination. It has within it the word image, and the images you see, feel and create are the key to unlocking your imagination.

Lets start the process with an image, in your mind. It is easier if you make it something that is important within your life. 

Bring an image into your mind, perhaps the face of someone you love, a place you love, your dog or cat or other pet, or even a favorite flower. 

Imagine this, fill your entire mind with this image.  Did you succeed in bringing something into your mind? Did you see an image of something?

If you did, and most of us can imagine someone or something we love, know that this is the beginning of the process, to unlock your imagination.

Turn On Your Imagination

Have you heard about the seven laws of attraction and how they can be used?

Possibly you have, as many people have read the many books available, including the wonderful Abraham-Hicks books.

The movie “The Secret” talks about these Laws of Attraction, and it allows you to see them at work. Part of this process is the use of the imagination.

In the movie the Secret, the man sat in his chair, and he imagined very strongly that he was sitting in his brand new car.

He began to really believe in the car, and this part of the process is called conceptualization.

As you bring the concept of the car, and the image of the car into your mind, you will be using your imagination to fully form it in your mind.

In fact the second of the Seven Laws of Attraction is imagination. And it is the key to the process of manifesting anything you desire.

Launching The Imagination

As Abraham said in the book Ask And It Is Given:

“When you repeatedly return to a pure thought, maintaining it for at least 68 seconds, in a short period of time (hours in some cases or a few days in others) that thought becomes a dominant thought. 

And once you achieve a dominant thought you will experience matching manifestations, until you change it.”

By following the other five of the 7 laws of Attraction, and being totally focused on the process, you will bring what you strongly desire into manifestation. 

The key to it, is to unlock your imagination and to use it to flesh out what it is that you desire. 

Ask And It Is Given is one of my favorite books, as it helped me to understand how to get from where I was, to where I wanted to be. Of course this is always on-going! 

In this powerful guide, Abraham tells you how the process of manifestation works, and how you can bring all of the things you desire into your life.

The processes (or fun exercises) are great ways on a day to day basis to have the manifestation process working in your life. So start the process when you are meditating. 

Not sure about about getting started with meditation? Take a look at these easy instructions to meditate, to help you get started with ease. 

The reason you do this in mediation, is that you will quieten your mind, and by closing your eyes you cut out the distractions.

Go deeply into relaxed inner awareness, and bring into your mind the thing or circumstance that you most fervently desire. 

Finish off each time you do this by being grateful, in advance, for all of the things that you have been imagining. 

This is part of the process of bringing what you imagine into your life now, as you unlock your imagination.

You can use any of the crystals mentioned here in your meditation, by holding them in your hand while meditating. Its that simple.

Put Your Imagination To Work

In particular, using high crystal energy stones may assist you to put your imagination to work. 

By stimulating the higher chakras, they may make this area aid you with more imaginative visions.

Combining your meditation with the use of crystals, either held in
your hand or sitting nearby can be helpful.

This may be a permanent arrangement as many
people have a dedicated place where they like to meditate.

The third eye chakra is the area where images from the spiritual realm are birthed into your mind.

There are abilities that emerge from the third eye, and these are called visionary abilities, and may include clairvoyant visions.

It is from this area that elevated imagination emerges. Inspiration is linked with imagination, and comes from the same area, and inspiration provokes what you manifest in your life.

If you
like to change the crystals you use you can hold them in your hand or
place them near you, such as under your chair or having them located on a table close by can be

You may unlock your imagination by stimulating the third eye chakra by using specific chakra stones for that area.

One of the crystals that seem to boost how your imagination works are Iolite Stones. 

They work well in combination with other third eye chakra stones, such as Ulexite and Fulgurite.

It will aid those of you who are having blocks, to bring your imagined ideal into your mind, and it will stimulate your imagination via your extended visionary abilities.

Hold them in your hand or place them on your third eye, (the middle of your forehead, in front of where your pineal gland is located.)

Used alone, Iolite crystals are one of the more powerful stones that you may use to unlock your imagination, but you can combine them with other crystals.

There are many other powerful stones that aid the imagination, and these may also be strong manifestation stones.

Use Fulgurite and the power of the imagination, to manifest what you most desire in your life.

Ulexite is a stone for the third eye that is a powerful stimulator of the imagination, and of inspiration. It works well combined with Lapis Lazuli and/or Iolite stones.

As you will see on this page, there are other stones that will help this process, and those that stimulate your visionary abilities are powerful to aid you.

This includes stones such as Citrine, Elestial Citrine, Tangerine Quartz, Sugilite, Malachite, Rose Quartz, Pietersite and Goethite.

Combining Subliminal Messaging With Imagination

I was interested in how subliminal messaging MP3s worked and how you could use them to manifest the things you desire.

I have been using them and have had some interesting things happen.

Make your own subliminal messages

If you have been using the 7 laws of attraction, and you are finding that you are not manifesting the things you desire as quickly as you want, would you like to get a little extra help?

Maybe its time to add something new into the mix.

Perhaps despite all of your conscious struggles to utilize the information you already have, you still are not bringing the things you desire into your life?

An easy remedy to get things working more quickly, is to unlock your imagination and combine this with the use of subliminal messages.

You might want to find a way to let go of your old perceptions and particularly all your doubts. Releasing those old mind-sets and negative ideas can be troublesome to do, but it is not impossible.

There is an effective way of instilling positive thoughts into your subconscious mind.  To assist you with this, it is helpful to invest in subliminal messaging audio CD’s.

These tools are well-advised investments as they will open your mind to ideas on how you can attract money, and as you unlock your imagination in tandem with this, get ready for all the good things that may occur in your life.

Download a free subliminal mp3! Try it today, see how it works.

Subliminal MP3 Library - Subliminal Messages Subliminal CDs

It is an enormous benefit to you to unlock your imagination.

The 7 Laws of Attraction are powerful aids in this process, but it is important that you use whatever method appeals to you the most.

You will find that as you put your imagination to work in your life, your life will improve for the better.

Use your imagination during meditation 

If you want to move those things that you have been dreaming of, from your dreams into reality, you need to put your imagination to work.

One of the best ways to help it to develop, is to sit quietly in
meditation, and when you do also use specific crystals to boost your

Coral FossilCoral Fossil

The third eye chakra stones are known to stimulate visionary abilities, so any of these would work well for this process.

Sacral or navel chakra stones will also enhance your creativity, and this will aid your progression, as you unlock your imagination.

List Of Stones That Unlock Your Imagination

The list of stones that unlock your imagination has a number of images of individual crystals that you can use to boost imaginative gifts.

Enhydro Herkimer Diamond QuartzEnhydro Herkimer Diamond Quartz

Gemmy Rhodonite aka PyroxmangiteGemmy Rhodonite aka Pyroxmangite


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