Crystals In The K Alpha Area

Kalahari Picture StoneKalahari Picture Stone

The stone properties and metaphysical attributes in this page specifically relate to the stones that start with the letter K, and there are quite a few.

There are a number of healing crystals for you to learn about in this alphabetic section

The images in the picture grid below to make it easier for you to find what you are looking for. 

The meanings of many of these crystals may already be covered in-depth on other pages on this site, and there are links under photos to those pages.

Its easy to see which stones this part of the page covers, simply check the photo grid below.

K Section of Stone Properties 

Look for specific crystals or stones in the picture grid below, where the name under the photo is
highlighted marked with a link.

This tells you there is is more
information elsewhere usually on its own specific page.

Simply click on any of the links to go to the page about that particular crystal. 

For stones that have not yet had their individual page written, each stone is covered only briefly, with a paragraph on each stone. 

It includes an explanation of each particular crystal and its most valuable metaphysical attributes.

Stone Properties: K

Kalahari Picture StoneKalahari Picture Stone
Kambaba StoneKambaba Stone

Kauri GumKauri Gum



Following the individual explanations of the metaphysical and healing properties of each stone there is list which outlines the chakra stones.

It shows which chakra the stone may heal, and you may follow a link to the specific page for that chakra if you want to learn about specific chakra meanings.

Stone Properties: K

Kakortokite or Lopar’s Blood

Kakortokite is also known as Lopar’s Blood, and is a mix of Dark Pink Eudialyte and either Black Arfvedsonite and/or Aegirine in white Syenite.

Kakortokite or Lopars BloodKakortokite also called Lopars Blood

Use Kakortokite in meditation, to help you to make a good earth
energy connection, as well as taking you up to connect with the
spiritual realms.

It connects the lower earth chakra and base
chakras through the energy of the heart chakra up to the crown chakra
and soul star chakra.

It is said to activate a cosmic anchor, bringing light down to the earth chakra and grounding it into your physicality. 

It aids you to create a strong connection to the galactic center. It has a number of powerful healing attributes and helps seasonal affective disorder and winter depression.

If you’d like to discover more about Eudialyte check out more about this stone here.

Kalahari Picture Stone

Kalahari Picture Stone may be highly beneficial to use in meditation.

The pictures within the stone may evoke emotions that lead you more deeply into discovering past life situations.

Their stone properties relate to their action to assist you to see visions of situations that occurred in the distant past and in locations that my be far away from where you are currently located.

Kalahari Picture StoneKalahari Picture Stone

Use these stones in a meditative
state, by staring at the picture in the stone.

This may help you to
unearth old memories from past lives or deeply buried memories from this

It is possible that the memories that are unearthed my be
stressful and even difficult to handle, but once dealt with you may be
able to release these memories forever.

Its energy is also known to aid you to manage any stress, grief or fear that might surface at the time.

are beneficial healing stones that may help the immune system and the
healing of allergies, hay fever and problems related to digestion.

Kambaba Stone

Kambaba Stone is also known as Kambaba Jasper, Crocodile Jasper or Green Stromatolite.

This stone may calm your nerves and aid anxiety and stress. It has an unusual swirling pattern on the stones that are like eyes.

Kambaba Jasper aka Crocodile JasperKambaba Stone aka Green Stromatolite

will help you to look deeply into what you give your attention to, and
it will help you to handle any emotions that are generated by what you
are looking at.

The stone properties tell us that it will help you
to be more patient, and it may assist you to make contact with those
who are in spirit.

It is said to help with plant growth and it is known as a magical and mystical stone that may aid spells to work better.

Kauri Gum

Kauri Gum has stone properties that are known for their action to assist you to develop the gift of prophecy or precognition.

This stone is the fossilized resin from Kauri trees, and is found in New Zealand’s north island where the trees grow. 

Kauri GumKauri Gum

They may help you to better interpret thoughts, visions or messages of a precognitive nature.

During these experiences it also helps you to take in and apprehend the important parts
of what you hear.

This stones energy helps you to stay connected to your normal self, even
when your visions take you to places that stimulate amazing

Kauri Gum also helps those who are impatient about what you expect to happen in
the future, and to wait in a relaxed and harmonious way for it to

It has a good action to create a connection between the solar
plexus and the crown chakra, helping your spiritual pursuits to be
brought into your day to day life.

Kernite or Rasorite

Kernite is also known as Rasorite, and can be clear, with a coating of Tincalconite, or it may also have dark inclusions within it. 

It is an excellent stone to use in meditation. Use the crystal at the crown chakra, to direct your request to the
master you wish to ask for help from.


You may find that you get answers
to questions fairly easily when you use it at the crown chakra, and it has a fairly unique
characteristic to aid contact with the energy of ascended Masters.

It has  a strong action at the higher chakras and its action to heighten clairaudience also known as psychic hearing, as well as clairsentience, and this is one of its useful stone properties.

has a quite stimulating action at the crown chakra, and helps to
cleanse the entire auric field and all of the chakras.

This is one of
the stones that aids detoxification of the body, so take it slowly to
avoid overloading the liver and kidneys.

The dark stones may have
slightly different attributes and stone properties, and are said to be
strong stones to aid the removal of cancer cells from the body.

It can be used at the crown chakra to aid you to discover information about past lives. It also helps you to access possibilities for future lives or your future within this life. 

Realize that your actions can change what happens, and that the information received is based on a future related to current life conditions, if not changed.

It also has an unusual action to stimulate the kundalini, but from the crown chakra down. Once started, this creates a circular movement of energy up and down the pathway to keep it open and clear.


Kimberlite crystals are known to stimulate the solar plexus, throat and crown

Used at the heart chakra, they may assist you to understand life

KimberliteRough Kimberlite Stone

This is a quite unique and very unusual igneous rock, that is a mixture of a number of different minerals.

Their stone properties are unusual in that they are powerful
to boost the development of psychic abilities.

They are also good stones to prevent psychic attack, as they work as a
psychic shield.

Their energy is beneficial to utilize in
meditation to aid with decision making, and may help you to learn what
your true desires are.

It is good to grid your home, as it provides psychic protection and also brings light hearted, happy and exhilarating feelings.


Kornerupine helps you to see that life is precious, and to recognize the sacredness
of it.

But to be aware that death is inevitable and may be approached
with gladness.

Kornerupine StoneKornerupine

This stone occurs in a range of colors, with the green stone having a loving heart based energy.

you are going through a time of severe illness, and you fear the
transition to the spirit world, this crystal has stone properties that
may aid you.

KornerupineLavender Blue Kornerupine

It aids emotional and physical healing, as well as helping you to look
at the circumstances of your current life differently.

It may help
hoarders to clear clutter, as it helps you to live in the now and to let
go of stuff you have been holding onto that you no longer require.


Kurnakovite is helpful to use if you have trouble making up your mind because of lack of confidence in yourself and your decisions.

It has good stone properties to aid you to manage your money, and to discover newer and better ways to do this.


It helps you to make a connection between the solar plexus chakra and
crown chakra, and also creates a good connection with the earth chakra.

It has a lovely energy, and using it is one of the processes to relieve stress, as it helps you to release anxiety and stress.

This is a fairly rare but very helpful stone to use to aid you to
discover things you may have hidden from yourself.

In some cases this
can relate to past life issues that you have brought
forward into this life. It will help you to face the truth, even when it
may be uncomfortable, so that you can let go of them and move on.

This crystal is an excellent cleanser, and this is on many levels. Once you are aware of hidden truths in your life you can let them go, and create cleansing on both an emotional and spiritual level. 

This crystal also has a role to aid cleansing of toxins from the physical body as well. Use it sparingly to do this as it is quite strong and may cause stress on the liver and kidneys.

Kutnohorite or Khutnohorite

Kutnohorite has a strong vibration, yet its energy is quite sweet, very heart based. Also spelled Khutnohorite its color may be a quite lovely pink or a brownish pink color.

KutnohoriteKutnohorite Cluster also spelled Khutnohorite

Its action helps to unite the higher heart and soul star chakras is
powerful to infuse you with an influx of Divine love, very beautiful

It has stone properties that are known to unite your masculine and feminine sides to create a unified and balanced energy.

Specific Chakras – List Of Chakra Stones K Alpha Group 

Soul Star Chakra: Kammererite, Kernite, Khutnohorite, Kyanite

Crown Chakra: Kakortokite, Kammererite, Kauri Gum, Kernite, Kimberlite, Kurnakovite, Kyanite

Third Eye Chakra: Kakortokite, Kammererite, Kundalini Quartz, Kyanite

Throat Chakra: Kakortokite, Khutnohorite, Kimberlite, Kinoite, Kornerupine, Kyanite

Higher heart Chakra: Khutnohorite, Kinoite, Kunzite, Kyanite

Heart Chakra: Kakortokite, Kambaba Stone, Khutnohorite, Kimberlite, Kornerupine, Kunzite, Kyanite

Solar Plexus Chakra: Kimberlite, Kundalini Quartz, Kurnakovite, Kauri Gum, Kyanite

Sacral Chakra:  Kundalini Quartz, Kyanite

Base Chakra: Kakortokite, Kambaba Stone, Kammererite, Kernite, Kundalini Quartz, Kyanite

Earth Chakra: Kyanite

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