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Orange KyaniteOrange Kyanite

The healing properties of crystals starting with O may be found in this article.

You may be surprised at how many stones there are in this small area of the alphabet.

A number of them are some of my favorite stones, including the white Okenite that looks like a fluffy snowball, shown in the picture here.

To aid you to find what you are looking for, checkout the picture grid below.

It shows images of many healing crystals for you to use that are in the O section of the alphabetical list.

Use the images shown below to help you to find the stone meanings more
quickly, as this is a way that you can quickly see if the stone you are
looking for is covered here.

Healing Properties Of Crystals O

The photo grid below shows you pictures of the crystals in this alphabetic group that have been written about on this site.

Some of the stones or crystals may be marked with a link, and you can
may notice that the name of the stone, which is shown below each
picture, could be highlighted.

If a name is highlighted, this tells you
that you may find more detailed information on that stone on another

It also means that there is no more information about it on this page so you need to go to the in-depth page about it.

those crystals that do not yet have their own page, following the photo
grid, you will find the healing properties of crystals like these.

of these stones has a brief description along with a picture.

Once they
have their own individual page they are removed from this page to make
room for new stones that become available.

Healing Properties Of Crystals: O

Ocho GeodeOcho Geode

Onyx StoneOnyx Stone

Optical CalciteOptical Calcite
Orange CalciteOrange Calcite

Ouro Verde QuartzOuro Verde Quartz

If there are crystals or stones that may interest you in another part of
the alphabet, note that there are also drop down menus for the various
alphabetically grouped crystal pages.

Be aware that if you need to find something quickly, there is a site map page.

You can use it
to find out about other pages on this site. See link at bottom of page.

Healing Properties Of Crystals: O

Ocho Geode

Ocho GeodeOcho Geode

Ocho Geode come from Brazil, and while some may look sparkley, they are simply colored quartz with inclusions of other minerals.

The addition of these minerals aids them to have a vibration that may bring luck into your life, and they carry the energy of victory.

They aid you to see the whole picture and you can use this to plan your future.

While the healing properties of crystals made from quartz are good due to their ability to resonate well, Ocho Geode are not healing stones as such.

They are excellent to use during meditation, as they may aid you to contact spirit beings in the higher realms and their energy may be helpful when astral traveling.



Oligoclase is in the feldspar family. They are fairly uncommon stones, that will help you to gain feelings of trust in the way your life is unfolding.

The healing properties of crystals like these particularly relates to their action to help the healing of breaks, specifically of the hand or wrist.

They also help you to let go of any feelings of anger you might feel regarding the circumstances of your bone break, that may be holding back your healing.


Olivine is strongly associated with Peridot, which is the gem quality variety of this stone. The healing properties of crystals such as Peridot and Olivine are similar.

The energy of either of these stones will help the body to heal from health problems in the heart, lungs, spleen and intestines.

This stone’s vibration may stimulate you to take action when required, and it is particularly helpful at critical junctures in life.

It helps you to value time spent alone, and to be comfortable being alone, rather than feeling lonely. It is especially beneficial to use it when you need to take time to consider the various options open to you.

This is a stone of motivation, that aids you to respond to circumstances when needed, combining this with the qualities of creativity, courage and inspired action.

Onyx Stone

Onyx StoneOnyx, White Onyx Sphere

Onyx Stone comes in a number of colors, but the most common
are the black and the white onyx stone, with many pieces having bands of
mixed colors.

While the various colors of Onyx have some
differing attributes, the healing properties of crystals in this family
are all similar in that all colors are helpful to boost your inner

These crystals are very supportive during stressful situations, and they are particularly helpful to aid grief.

They can assist you to regain feelings of happiness, and they are good stones to assist in bringing good fortune into your life.

These crystals can help you to keep secrets, but they are known to hold the memories of things within them.

may be things that have happened to anyone who has worn the stone, and
these can be retrieved by those who utilizes the gift of psychometry.

Optical Calcite

Optical CalciteOptical Calcite

Optical Calcite is also known as Iceland Spar, as it was
originally found in Iceland, although it has since been found in other

It is a semi-transparent rhomboid shaped calcite which has an
unusual quality of being double refractive.

This means that if
you look at something through this stone it appears as if they are in
two different locations.

These crystals resonate within all chakras, but
they are particularly strong in the area above the crown chakra, to
clear stagnant energy there.

It also occurs in various colors including Clear Optical Calcite, shown above, Orange, Pale Golden and Transparent Pink Calcite.

healing properties of crystals like these are helpful on the physical
level to aid your eyesight, and so their name relates to their healing

They are wonderful to stimulate clear thinking and
are wonderful used on the third eye in meditation, to aid you to clearly
see what you need to do in your life.

Orange Calcite

Orange CalciteOrange Calcite

Orange Calcite has a lovely vibrant color, and resonates strongly at the solar plexus and the sacral chakra.

It has a good energy to stimulate your creativity, helps you to release fear and may help you to feel more confident. Orange Calcite is also said to be useful to stimulate the flow of money into your life.

The healing properties of crystals like these are quite potent, and their energy is helpful to aid the body to heal. 

They may aid problems such as depression and stress, as well as reproductive and stomach related health issues.


OrthocerusOrthocerus Egg

Orthocerus crystals are a black and gray fossil, and are a fossilized mollusk that lived around 400 million years ago.

These fossils are quite lovely healing tools to use to help you when you are working on past life issues.

These are also known as excellent healing stones, and are lovely stones to carry on your body and to have in your environment.

The healing properties of crystals like these mainly relate to age related issues, such as pain in the spine.

They will also help you to release fear related to getting old and can be utilized in the workplace to assist others to be more accepting of those who may be older than them.

Ouro Verde Quartz

Ouro Verde QuartzOuro Verde Quartz

Ouro Verde Quartz is created from Metamorphosis Quartz by using a high electron irradiation system.

The gamma radiation creates its unique greenish yellow color, and note that it does not contain any residual radiation, and is said to be quite safe to use.

It is said to help you to detect any radon present in your environment,
and helps you to not absorb radiation in areas where there are either
natural radiation sources or radioactive material.

Ouro Verde Quartz is a highly protective stone that is known to be helpful to assist
precognition related to assisting you to make the right decisions about
your future.

It may assist you to make the correct choice when
playing games of chance, and is known as a stone of prosperity as well
as a healing stone for allergies.

Healing Properties Of Crystals & Chakra Stones O

Various stones below will heal different chakras. For an overview of all the chakras and their specific chakra stones, see the in depth information about chakras and stones for each area.

Some stones may be able to heal more than one area of the body, so they may be found in more than one chakra area within the table.

There is detailed information for each chakra, and you need only click on the highlighted chakra name to go it. So if you need to know more, please check out the articles on each of the chakras.

For more detailed information on the specific chakra each individual stone will heal, please see the chakra stone table.

If you are not exactly sure what chakras are and feel you would like to know more, please go to the page on the meaning of chakras for a detailed explanation of the chakras.

Specific Chakras – List Of Chakra Stones O Alpha Group 

Soul Star Chakra: Opal Aura Danburite, Optical Calcite

Crown Chakra: Okenite, Opal Aura Danburite, Onyx Stone, Optical Calcite

Third Eye Chakra: Obsidian Stone, Onyx Stone, Optical Calcite

Throat Chakra: Ocean Jasper, Optical Calcite

Higher heart Chakra: Opal Aura Danburite, Optical Calcite

Heart Chakra: Ocean Jasper, Olivine, Opal Aura Danburite, Optical Calcite

Solar Plexus Chakra: Ocean Jasper, Olivine, Onyx, Optical Calcite

Sacral Chakra: Optical Calcite, Orange Calcite, Orange Carnelian, Orange Kyanite

Base Chakra: Obsidian Stone, Onyx, Optical Calcite

Earth Chakra: Obsidian Stone, Onyx, Optical Calcite

Crystal Books

Are you new to using crystals and want to discover which book is best? There are a large number of books about crystals on the market and some books have more information than others. 

If you are new to using crystals you may benefit from reading my book reviews.

There is even a section for those of you who are just beginning, as well as reviews of books for crystal collectors who appreciate a book that is more in-depth.

Read reviews of my favorite Crystal Booksto learn which book may be best for you.

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