Healing from a breakup is not the easiest thing in the world to do but here are some tips to help you along your healing journey….

First, don’t deny your emotions.  Treat your emotions like teachers and be curious of the lessons you wish to learn from them.  If you resist them you will create more agony in the long run.  Understand that your emotions can be a roller coaster but its all part of the process of letting go.  This goes especially to the emotions you feel you should not have or are ashamed of having like unforgiveness or resentment.  It’s okay to feel all of the emotions you are having. 

Second,  instead of trying to suppress your emotions you can  channel them. You can channel your anger into running, punching pillows, screaming, being out in nature. You can channel your sadness by watching some sad movies and letting yourself stay in and cry it all out. By working through your emotions  you can also learn all the self-defeating thought patterns behind them  and let them go as well. 

Third, when you have a relationship with someone…. especially an intimate relationship you develop an energetic cord with someone. Cords aren’t inherently bad but when you put a lot of your energy into that person and have been thinking of them a lot you may want to cut the cord you so you can move on and maintain your highest energy for yourself.  To see the video where I show you cord cutting then please click the video below:

Here is how to cord cut:
1. Take three deep breathes and relax if you can
2. Scan your body with one hand  while you have a selenite want in your other hand
3. Call on Archangel Michael to help you with cord cutting
4. When you  feel the cord (usually for past relationships its connected to your heart  and/or sacral chakra).  then  start pulling it out of your body.
5.  When you feel that the cord is just about out then call again on archangel Michael to  help you to release the cord, make a swift motion with your selenite where the cord was connected to you, and then  give it to archangel Michael to purify it and release it for you.
6. Call on Archangel Raphael to help you to heal the hole where the cord was, send green energy to that area of your body, and  then seal that up with gold energy. 
7. That’s it 🙂

I hope this helped you and please let me know if you have any questions!!

Lots of love and crystal joy to you!!

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