A lot has been happening internally and everywhere. Fall is here, together with her I am feeling the need to fall in, stay in, and stay there a while.

I have been organizing my home like a crazy person since the summer. I have done most of it, letting go a lot, and with some cupboards closed for later deeper inspection. I am gathering reserves now for the next deep-clean. I feel like this organization-haze speaks to my inner state too.

I have started a new journey this month by joining a 3 year Astrology training program. I am taking a 4 hour class every week, plus investing time in further reading and reflection. Astrology is not what you think it is. It is so much more than that. It is an opportunity to discover your full soul potential here in this lifetime. I plan on recording a solo podcast episode on that soon.

I am feeling more and more the intensity of my own and our collective wounding. It is like something got accelerated all of a sudden. All of our wounds are shouting louder and louder, and making physicality and life more uncomfortable. It is like they won’t rest until we listen, we make peace, and we go on a journey to discover what hidden potential hides underneath them. (See my new free meditation to help you with that). If you feel like, you’d like to step into deeper healing with personalized guidance, let me know.

Here’s what has been giving me joy lately

My new favorite podcast, which is cat Bilbo purring, just purring. Love this episode 🙂

This piece of good news

Obsessed with this song and this one

This awesome and super easy dessert I whipped up

This app that keeps me from checking social media more than necessarily

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