Enhances Courage & Stimulates Inner Harmony

Written By Liz Oakes

Aurichalcite helps to encourage inner harmony and personal freedom.

It may assist you let go of old negative ways of looking at life, as well as helping to enhance your courage.

Their vibration aids creativity and original thinking, helps the release of  internal conflict.

Their energy may encourage a more balanced approach to life, while also fostering feelings of inner peace. 


They are beneficial healing crystals for you to use in meditation.

They have a strong resonance within the third eye
chakra, the area where psychic gifts commonly emerge from.

These healing stones will create a protective shield around you,
and make you feel more secure in your environment.

Their energy helps to clear the auric field, and will help you to feel more
stable and less fearful about life.

Where Is It From? Meaning of Aurichalcite

The meaning of Aurichalcite comes from a Greek word meaning mountain brass.

It is said that in ancient times it was known as cuivre de Corinthe, said to mean yellow-copper or brass.

Deposits of this stone have been found in Namibia, Russia, Germany, Italy, France, Greece, England, Scotland, Mexico and in a number of locations in the USA.  

Their mineral make-up is a carbonate of zinc and copper, and while many of these crystals are very small they are quite beautiful.

They are quite lovely stones to look at. While some stones are a drusy coating on the matrix stone, many have fine silky needle-like crystals of a pale green, green blue or turquoise blue color.

They are quite fragile stones, so are not really practical to carry on your body, as they could easily break up in many small pieces, so are best used by placing nearby in the room.

Why Would You Use Aurichalcite?

This mineral helps to inspire personal freedom and a stronger ability to act as you desire.

It has metaphysical properties that help you to have a more positive approach to life.

Its energy may be especially helpful if you have been living a life that has made you feel constrained because you are following the dictates of others, even well meaning people.

Aurichalcite’s vibration can
be valuable to encourage you to walk your own path.

It may help you to release unproductive ways of approaching problems that have been your “normal”.


Its influence may help you to have a more practical way of dealing with
situations, and by doing it your way you may find that life becomes more
peaceful and harmonious.

These crystals energy may inspire within you to have a more peaceful
approach towards others, and may help you to develop a more agreeable
attitude towards those that challenge your ideas.

It may support
you when you you find that the nature of what others are trying to
communicate to you seems to be somewhat unclear, vague or even a little

The action of these blue crystals to help you to more easily interpret the meaning behind the point of view of others can be beneficial.

This may help you to act constructively when taking action to create new situations in your life.

How Will It Help You? Healing Properties

The vibration of this mineral helps to clear the auric field, and its
energy will help you to feel more stable, and less fearful about life, even when situations distress or challenge you.

Use during social occasions, to induce peaceful interactions with
others and to help you to have more tactful conversations.


They are lovely stones to stimulate an increase in your creativity and may boost innovative and imaginative approaches to projects.

While they do not have a large number of healing properties, they are beneficial to aid the healing of circulation problems and to help issues within the pineal gland and the thalmus.

By helping to clear negativity from the aura, this may also improve healing.

Use In Meditation

This is an excellent psychic protection stone that is great to keep close to you as they can make you feel peaceful,
serene and secure when you are doing meditation.

They help to heighten courage, helping you not to be daunted by situations that are unfamiliar.

The are beneficial crystals to prevent psychic attackas they create a protective shield around you,


Their action to assist the release of fear can also be helpful at times when you are doing new activities that cause you to experience unusual feelings that might make you a little anxious.

The vibration of this
stone resonates within the third eye chakra and will stimulate the
pineal gland and the brain by routing more energy to the area.

My Final Thoughts

These stones have a lovely calming, soothing vibration that helps to release any stress or anxiety you may be feeling.

They also help you to release all thoughts as you allow yourself to slip into deep peaceful meditation. 

Their energy assists you to receive valuable messages from the higher realms, bringing through high vibration energy and information that you require, to be aware of your future path in life.


In summary: remember that they are known to assist you to discover more
about what your purpose is in this lifetime

They aid you to learn specifically
why you came here at this time, and the reason for incarnating at

Best Crystals To Use With Aurichalcite

What are the best crystals to combine with Aurichalcite?

To enhance its action to aid you to speak more tactfully, use it with Witches Fingers or Howlite.

It has a strong action to boost your courage but will benefit by being combined  with other stones that stimulate your courage.

Stones for this purpose includes Bloodstone, Sardonyx or Rhodochrosite.

These stones will help you to let go of fear.

But if you think you need even more assistance to release these thoughts, use it with other stones that aid you to detach from these negative feelings.

Stones you could use for this purpose includes Tigers Eye, Witches Finger Quartz, Black Jade, Rhodonite, Staurolite or Ethiopian Opal.

There are a number of excellent third eye chakra stones that will combine well with this stones.

This includes Vivianite, Kammererite,  Diaspore or Novaculite stones.

There are quite a few other stones that would be beneficial to combine with these stones to further enhance your creativity, including crystals such as Heliodor, Picasso Marble, Yellow Apatite and Sunstone.

If you are experiencing stress there are a number of other stones that will help to relieve stress.

Some of the most effective crystals to aid stress and depression are the lithium based stones such as Lepidolite, Lithium Quartz, Kunzite, Pink Tourmaline, Amblygonite and Holmquistite.

There are a number of other stones that may also help you if you are feeling stressed, so check out the article about ways to relieve stress for more tips to help your stress.

Photos Of Aurichalcite



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