Do you need to feel the energy of crystals to use them? Do you need to sense the energy of crystals for them to work? What if you don’t sense any energy from your healing crystals?

Do You Feel The Energy Of Crystals?

This is something I come across but never hear anyone talk about. Perhaps you have heard people talk about feeling the energy of their crystals. It’s a common thing in the world of crystal healing.

People, who are new to crystals ask me why they don’t feel the energy they keep hearing about. First, I have a little story I wanted to share with you.

Titanium Quartz AKA Flame Aura Crystal point
Titanium Quartz AKA Flame Aura Crystal

No, Feel The Energy!

I spoke to someone who had been in a crystal shop looking at crystals. She was talking to the owner who had handed them a crystal and asked her what she thought. She commented on how beautiful it was and attempted to hand it back to the seller.

The owner seemed dissatisfied with her words. She then pushed the crystal back to her and said “no, feel the energy!”. This made her feel awkward, realising the person assumed she could sense the energy. Or that she should be able to do this to buy a crystal.

Lots of different polished and raw crystals
Each crystal has its own unique energy and properties

Of course, I’m sure the seller did not intend to do this. However, this type of behaviour could be seen as gatekeeping. It leaves some people feeling like they don’t belong in the crystal community.

Hand holding a Rainbow Fluorite palm stone crystal
Do you need to feel the energy of crystals to use them?

But Do You Need To Feel The Energy Of Crystals?

Some people are already sensitive to energy. When they get into crystals, this comes with little effort for them. Then there are people that develop a sense of crystal energy later, which is what happened to me.

Although being able to feel the energy of crystals is helpful, it should never be a barrier to learning about them or benefiting from them.

Labradorite snake carving
Labradorite snake carving

Who Can Work With Crystals?

You absolutely can work with crystals and use crystal healing practices without having to sense the energy. Crystals are working and their energy affects you at a subtle level. You don’t need to feel the energy of crystals for them to work.

If you’re not feeling anything from crystals there is nothing wrong with you or your crystals. Please don’t feel pressured to be able to do this. If it happens, then great but don’t attach too much importance to it, especially when you’re new. relax and enjoy the journey.

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