Crystal sphere meaning and uses explained! What is the energy, symbolism and benefits of a sphere in sacred geometry and what does it do? How can you use a crystal ball in crystal healing, in your home or in crystal grids?

Crystal Spheres

A crystal sphere is any crystal, mineral or gemstone carved into a ball. Traditionally they are also known as crystal balls. They can be found in crystal shops and metaphysical stores and used in different ways.

First, let’s look at the geometry and symbolism to understand its energy and the crystal sphere meaning.

blog post graphic for crystal sphere meaning with Mystic Merlinite sphere
Mystic Merlinite/Indigo Gabbro Crystal sphere

The Sphere In Sacred Geometry

A sphere is a three-dimensional form that is perfectly round. Its surface area is all the same distance from its centre. With no edges, points or angles this form is quite unique. Its curves hold feminine energy and power.

We also see spherical geometry in nature in the form of the earth, planets, the moon, the sun and the stars. Within our bodies, we find spheres in our eyes which act like a lens. This might be why the crystal ball used by psychics is the shape it is.

Selenite (Satin Spar) Crystal Sphere with a brass effect tripod stand on a wooden flower of life crystal grid board
Selenite (Satin Spar) Crystal Sphere with tripod sphere stand

Crystal Sphere Meaning Explained

Always remember that shape or form of a crystal adds additional properties or amplifies existing ones. This can also focus the crystal’s energy in a very specific way. The type of crystal the sphere is carved from is still important and carries its own meaning.

Let’s look at the crystal sphere’s meaning within the world of crystal healing and spirituality. This is based on the information you can find in my books Crystal Grids Power books 1 & 2 (Volume 2 coming soon).

Crystal Grids Power Book

Crystal spheres radiate energy evenly and smoothly in all directions. They carry peaceful and soothing energy. They bring peace and harmony to your home and relationships. Traditionally, crystal spheres can be used for scrying.

Different types and sizes of crystal spheres
Different Crystal Spheres

They activate your third eye chakra and support in developing clairvoyance or your intuitive abilities. They stimulate psychic insights and bring greater clarity to your divination work. Crystal spheres can help you focus and bring mental clarity.

Black Obsidian Sphere with carved wooden stand
Black Obsidian Spheres can be used for scrying too

Spheres slow down and neutralise harmful or unbalanced energies. They connect you with astrological energy. You can work with them to connect with your guides, angels or goddesses.

Full Moon crystal grid with Selenite sphere, candles, tarot card, feather and essential oils
My Full Moon Crystal Grid uses a Selenite Sphere to represent the Moon

Crystal Sphere Stands & Tip!

Spheres will need a stand to display them or work with them in a crystal grid. Crystal sellers usually sell these and they can be made of metal, wood or acrylic.

HACK: Below is my quick tip for creating a sphere stand from something you may already have at home:

7 Ways To Work With Crystal Spheres

Now that you know about the crystal spheres meaning and energy, how can you work with them? Here are a few of my suggestions and ideas for you to experiment with and explore:

1. Hold the sphere within the chakras in crystal healing

2. Gaze into a crystal sphere to develop clairvoyant abilities

3. Add to astrological crystal grids or grids for peace, harmony or focus

4, Place a sphere in a room to bring the energy of peace and harmony

5. Add crystal spheres to your goddess altar

6. Meditate with a sphere to connect with your guides and angels

7. Crystal spheres could be used as a massage tool on pressure points

Quick Recap Of Key Meanings

I have a short summary of crystal spheres and their key meanings and uses on my YouTube channel below, if you haven’t seen it yet:

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