List of Birthstones & Meanings: Dec 22 – Jan 19

Written By Liz Oakes

Natural Almandine Garnet In Matrix RockNatural Almandine Garnet In Matrix Rock

The Capricorn birthstone list provides a list of stones, and the meanings for each of the stones that help the person born in the Capricorn sign. 

All of the crystals below are recommended for everyone who was born under this star sign.

Each of the stones below has short summary on its attributes.

If it’s name is highlighted with a link, you can click on it to go and read an entire article on that crystal.

You may find when you study the meanings in detail, that one or more of these may come to your attention more than others.  

A Guide To Which Capricorn Birthstone To Choose

It is of value for you to read the attributes of stones that attract your attention, and how they may benefit you, and improve your overall health and well-being.

After you have read both the list and the meanings of each of the stones on it, you may want to find out more information on some individual crystals.

There are quite a few of the stones on the list that are highlighted with a link. This link takes you to another page on this site where there is detailed information about that crystal.

If one of the summaries defining a specific stone attracts you, you may use the link to that stone’s page and learn about all of its various aspects and how it can benefit you.

There are a number of healing crystals for you to choose between, so ponder on the range of particular healing attributes and metaphysical properties to help you decide.  

Wear Crystal Birthstone Jewelry

It is wonderful to discover that by simply wearing your chosen birthstone you may also be able to solve a particular problem that has been of concern to you.

The best way to approach choosing your stone, is to first look through the list of stones to learn more about their properties. 

This may help you to decide which Capricorn Birthstone to use. Take a look through the crystals that you already have, as you may have one of these in your current jewelry.  

Crystal birthstone jewelry is made from many of the stones on the list, and many of them are very attractive stones. Capricorn birthstone jewelry is easy to buy.

Ocean Jasper PendantOcean Jasper Pendant

It can be valuable to have healing crystals within your aura during the day, to help you to use the vibration of your chosen birthstone.

It is useful to have a large number of birthstones to choose between for each sign, and many of the stones have the capability to assist a variety of different issues.

Some stones will help you to develop psychic gifts, improve your relationships or even help with contacting your spirit guide.

Do You Know Your Astrology Sign?

Although most people know their own astrology sign, if you are thinking of buying a gift for someone, you may not know their sign. 

The following list will assist you to work out which sign their birthday falls under. The list of astrological signs, outlines the date in each month that they start and finish.

  • Cancer June 21 to July 22
  • Leo July 23 to August 22
  • Virgo Aug 23 to Sept 22

Capricorn Birthstone List

The list below will tell you the names of the birthstones that have been attributed to the astrological sign of Capricorn, and following this is information on each of the stones.

This page shows many of the astrological birthstones for Capricorn, and
covers a number of the stones that are known to be helpful to you if you
were born under this star sign.

You may choose to investigate which one you feel will be the best one for you, by reading through the birthstone meanings section further down the pages. 

There may be more added to this list at a later date as many stones are discovered and classified on a regular basis. 

Certain crystals are the ancient or traditional zodiac birthstones for more than one sign.  If this interests you, you may look at the master list on the zodiac birthstones page.

Capricorn Birthstone List

  • Agate
  • Azurite
  • Black Tourmaline
  • Blue Aragonite
  • Chalcopyrite
  • Fluorite
  • Garnet
  • Green Tourmaline
  • Jet
  • Magnetite
  • Malachite
  • Ocean Jasper
  • Peridot
  • Smoky Quartz
  • Tigers Eye
  • Vesuvianite aka Idocrase
  • Vivianite

Capricorn Birthstone Meanings


Agate is a name given to a group of stones made from chalcedony, and they are a type of quartz.

Within this site there are a few different types of Agate, and many are quite powerful healing stones.

The lovely Blue Lace Agate pictured here is popular because if its stimulation of your communication abilities.

It also aids you with contacting angels. Other Agates you may like are Fire Agate, which is highly protective, and Moss Agate.

Agate is the lovely green stone that is very much a heart based stone,
that will help you to make a connection with the energy of the earth.


Azurite stone vibrates within the crown chakra and helps the intellectual areas of the brain and may aid students to retain information.

It may stimulate the memory and clear worry, grief and sadness.

It is also helpful for those in business to use as it will help the
truth to be more easily recognized. It is also a strong third eye chakra
stone, and this area governs the development of psychic abilities.

Capricorn birthstone may stimulate psychic visions and may also aid to develop your intuition.

This is a strong stone to aid you to bring through information from spirit in a truthful and accurate way.

Black Tourmaline

Black Tourmaline is an excellent stone to have on your body at all times, particularly for psychic protection.

It creates positive thinking and a beneficial mindset.

It will also protect you against negative vibrations, that are
emitted by cell phones and the energy field of other electrical

This is possibly the most powerful crystal to protect
you against psychic attack, and will also assist you to ground yourself,
as it is a strong grounding stone.

It will invigorate the immune system and help with pain relief for arthritis and spinal or muscular problems.

Blue Aragonite

Blue Aragonite  is a throat chakra stone, that will enhance your ability to communicate

If you work as a psychic reader, then this blue Capricorn
birthstone will be very effective to aid you.

This variety of Aragonite may enhance your communication with spirit.

It may help you to be able to bring through what you need to express,
and to communicate what they have seen or heard accurately.

will make you enjoy your experience at the time that it is happening, as
it encourages you to feel calm and relaxed and may help you to let go of stress.


Chalcopyrite has an excellent action to assist the body to heal itself. 

It is an excellent stone to use in meditation, as it has a strong spiritual, even mystical vibration.

Capricorn Birthstone will aid you to go more deeply into a state of mind
to assist you to gain greater spiritual understanding of where your
life is at this time.

Use it in meditation to aid you to make contact with ancient civilizations. It may also help you to manifest money, and is said to help you if you have lost something to find it.

It resonates strongly within the crown chakra and the third eye chakra, and is helpful for acupuncturists to use as it aids the movement of chi energy.


Fluorite stones come in a range of colors and all are highly stimulating to your mental processes. 

They aid you to cut through extraneous information and get to the core of the matter.

Fluorite Natural OctohedronRainbow Fluorite Octohedron

This Capricorn birthstone will help you to have a more orderly approach to thinking and may enhance your mental abilities.

As their energy will energize the third eye, they are known to stimulate your psychic abilities.

They also have a specific energy that is known to help to give you psychic protection, and they may also prevent psychic attack.


Garnet crystals create good vibrations and are often used in Capricorn birthstone jewelry, as they are strong stones to create loving relationships.

Garnet EarringsReddish Pink Garnet Earrings

Their energy may also aid you to manifest an increase of abundance in your life. 

come in many lovely colors, and the red and dark pink stones in
particular make beautiful jewelry. Like most red stones, Red Garnets
create a strong vibration within the root chakra.

root or base chakra is also about sexuality and the health of the lower
stomach and lower back. This chakra is where your feelings of safety
and your survival instincts originate.

Green Tourmaline

Green Tourmaline stimulates a stronger connection between the heart and the mind, and resonates strongly within both the heart chakra and the thymus or higher heart chakra.

This lovely energy then flows throughout your whole being, infusing you with this feeling of compassion and love.

It is a strong healing stone that will aid the healing of the physical heart and help the immune system, ADD and hyperactivity.

Capricorn birthstone is known to have an excellent action to detoxify
your body, and to aid weight loss, and help stomach problems.

It helps chronic fatigue, and is known to aid athletes to get improved results as it helps to heal the muscles and the spine.

Jet Stone

Jet is a stone of sympathy and its soothing vibration provides support and
helps relieve pain.

It is favorable for healing grief, and was commonly
used to make mourning jewelry.

Jet StoneJet Pendant

It is a base or root chakra stone that is very grounding. This is a
powerful stone to use if you are working with magic or the elemental

It helps you to draw upon the earth energies and channel this energy to where you want it to go.

has been in use since ancient times, and legend says that if you find
jet jewelry that looks old, be very alert to its energy.

says that it is able to retain energy and is difficult to remove. This
ability to hold ancient memories is what gives it the ability to assist
those who wish to use this aspect of its energy.


Magnetite has a magnetic vibration that makes it a strong healing stone, and using it in a
grid layout is an excellent way for healers to use this potent energy.

Also known as Lodestone, it is a strong psychic protection stone and is helpful for both protection and as a grounding stone with a quite powerful energy.

may particularly find its energy to be helpful if you work as a psychic
reader or in similar employment where you make contact with the higher

Using one stone at the base chakra and one at the crown
you may balance the entire aura. It does not need to be in contact with
the body to do this.


Malachite is known for aiding an increase in emotional well-being, and has a strong vibration that provides psychic protection and helps to enhance your creativity.

Capricorn birthstone jewelry made from this green stone will be quite
powerful to wear as it has a good energy to boost your imagination.

This stone is recognized as having an aspect that conceals your energy field from entities seeking to psychically attack you. 

Having it on your body will also strengthen your auric field and may help to increase your intuitive ability.

is said that it will aid you to sleep better, and this is easy to
understand as it would prevent negative entities from visiting you while
you sleep.

Ocean Jasper

Ocean Jasper is a lovely stone where there is quite a diversity between various stones.

They will aid healing in a variety of ways, on the physical, emotional and spiritual levels.

Spiritually this Capricorn Birthstone influences you to let go of
limiting patterns that may hold you back.

It also influences you to
embrace all that the Great Divine Spirit offers to you.

Their energy resonates within the throat and heart chakra  as well as within the solar plexus or power chakra.

will help you if you are feeling depressed, as these stones carries an
energy that stimulates joy and happiness.

They will help you to recover
from physical illness at the deep cellular level, as seen in the stone


Peridot is a lovely light green stone, that is like a beam of sunshine in your life.

Its preeminent benefit is its strong energy, as it embodies within it the frequency of increase.

This aspect makes these stones powerful for aiding manifestation, of
all the good things, including its ability to manifest love, good health
and to manifest money.

Capricorn birthstone jewelry is helpful, as it has a positive vibration
if you are working on developing your psychic abilities, and they will
increase your connection to the higher realms.

Using this stone on
a daily basis will provide an excellent helping hand to aid the
development of psychic visions, also known as clairvoyance, and are
helpful for psychic protection.

Smokey Quartz Crystals

Smokey Quartz Crystals are powerful grounding stones, that will move any negative energy and ground it down into the earth.

As it is made of quartz it has a strong ability to amplify energy, including its own.

Their vibration moves down from the base chakra and moves through the
earth star chakra, to ground your excess energy to Mother Gaia.

This Capricorn birthstone also has a lovely way of making you feel more
positive, especially if you are doing any spiritual work or healing.

it is a beneficial stone to keep on your body to make you feel good. It
is an excellent protection stone, that will both protect you from
negativity and ground you.

Tigers Eye Stone

Tigers Eye works within all of the lower chakras, and is a stone that encourages
balance in your life.

It may help to reduce inflammation after surgery
and aid bone breaks to heal.

It is an excellent spiritual grounding stone, with a strong vibration within the solar plexus.

Its vibration in this area assists manifestation, and it may bring a higher level of abundance and prosperity into your life.

stone will help you to see both sides of any situation, as well as
helping to heal problems in the brain that create an unbalanced outlook
on life.


Vesuvianite is a lovely stone that helps you to make changes in line with your true hearts desire.

They have a strong energy that vibrates both with the heart chakra and solar plexus chakra.

Wearing lovely Capricorn birthstone jewelry made from this stone may
help you to move in the direction that will truly make you feel happy.

These light green stones are known as Idocrase and are known to be helpful used in meditation.

Learn easy ways to meditate with this stone, as this may help you to clear the blocks that are preventing you from getting those things your desire.

solar plexus chakra is where your will is activated, and if you are
enabled by this stones vibration to unite your will with your hearts
true yearnings, you may experience true happiness.


Vivianite is a beautiful blue-green stone that is beneficial to use to soothe stress, and to help you if you have a problem with burnout.

They are helpful healing stones, particularly to aid your sight, and
this includes both your physical sight and how you perceive the world.

crystals have a lovely energy that vibrates within both the heart and
higher heart chakras to stimulate compassion for others.

this Capricorn birthstone may help you if you are working on setting
goals. Their energy may assist you to discover solutions to bring your
goals into reality more easily.

How To Use Your Zodiac Birthstone

Notwithstanding the fact that all of these stones are suitable for anyone of this star sign, you may discover that one stone is more appealing than others.

Lovely crystals like the attractive green Malachite gemstones in the pendant shown in the photo above, may attract your attention.

As you uncover the individual meaning of the crystals for your astrological sign you may choose to use your intuition to help you.

You may intuitively discover which one will be the perfect stone for you to use.

The Capricorn Birthstone list and the meanings below it will provide you with all the information that you need to help you decide the right Capricorn birthstone for you.

Your prudent and practical Capricorn nature will understand that it is important to read the meanings provided.

Then you may see that there are a range of properties and healing attributes that these stones may embody.

It is wonderful to know that by merely wearing your favorite Capricorn birthstone you may also be able to heal a particular problem.

Use your prudent nature to plan to be healed of whatever problems you have, or to enjoy the idea that you may be enabled to develop new abilities or talents through the use of a specific stone.

Capricorn BirthstonesCapricorn Birthstones

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Using the energy of crystals for healing yourself is about finding a way to enhance conventional medicine not replace it. So always seek out medical treatment for any worrying health issue.

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