by Laurent

(Edinburgh Scotland)

Hello. Recently I have broken a master Shamanite (black calcite) in two pieces. Actually, I had 2 master Shamanites that I used in alternance. Both broke within a few days of each other. I had two as I would use one while the other would be cleansing and “resting”.

I was using it for healing work. I was told by someone that when a stone breaks it is because its work was done and that I should return it to the Universe or to Mother Earth.

Firstly: Is this true? If yes, what is the proper way of return it to Mother Earth?

Secondly: I was told by someone else that it was a blessing and that I had multiplied my stones. Who should I believe?

I feel the need of getting a new Master Shamanite (unbroken) as I don’t feel that the work started is completely done.

Any suggestions? Thanks for your help and comments. Laurent

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