Connects To Higher Realms, Aids Intuition

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Brochantite is advantageous to use it in meditation, to aid intuition and help you to make a stronger connection with the higher realms.

Its vibration works within all levels of the etheric body and will help to boost you physically while also aiding emotional and spiritual healing.

It has useful metaphysical properties, with a strong vibration that is said to both cleanse and realign all of the chakras.

This powerful copper based stone can elevate the level of your energy. 

It is reputed to have a number of healing properties, including aiding lung related issues.

Where Is It From? Brochantite Meaning

The meaning of the name of these stones pertains to being named after a French mineralogist and geologist called AJM Brochant de Villiers.

These stones are copper based, and their color is usually in shades of
green. While they may be a pale green or black their color is most
commonly a lovely emerald green.

These stones are often found in the same places at many of the other copper based stones, including along with Malachite, Azurite and Chrysocolla.

They are generally found as a druzy coasting,  in the massive form, as acicular needle-like crystals as well as some fairly uncommon prismatic tabular crystals, which may also be twinned crystals.

They have been found in Namibia, Australia, Chile, England, Spain, Italy, Germany, Greece, Algeria, Morocco, Mexico and in SW USA.

Why Would You Use Brochantite? How Will It Help You?

They are beneficial healing crystals for you to use to make a good connection to Mother Gaia.

Their vibration connects down via the earth chakra, and this energy is quite balancing.

These green stones have a strong energy within the heart chakra. It aids spiritual healing and may help you to feel more optimistic about your life.

Using them in meditation helps to raise your vibration and this may will aid you to connect with the higher realms as well as stimulating your intuition.


Its vibration may be beneficial to align all of the chakras and it can help to unite your physical being with your higher self and aid you to contact the higher realms.

It energizes the heart chakra and base chakra which may aid emotional healing, and create stronger and more compassionate relationships.

It is also protective, and is said to lose its luster when there is impending danger.

Use it in the home or business, when you are associated
with someone who makes promises and does not carry through on them, as
its crystal properties may aid action.

Who Should Use It? Brochantite Healing Properties

This green stone has a number of healing properties that makes it advantageous to have nearby.

It is said to have a useful healing action in the body, as it is known
to aid water retention, and may help inflammation as well as swelling in the joints and arthritis.

It is known to have a protective action against environmental pollutants, and is said to be helpful to assist the
pancreas, spleen and the prostate.

It is said to be helpful to assist those with lung chronic
conditions, such as asthma and emphysema, and may help to remove free
radicals from the bloodstream.

It also may help those who eat an unhealthy diet or eat a lot of what is known as junk food.

Best Crystals To Use With Brochantite

What are the best crystals to combine with Brochantite?

To help to boost the healing outcome of this stone, you may choose to use it in combination with other copper based stones.

There are quite a few copper based stones, and they often have some similar properties especially the green ones which also resonate with the heart chakra.

The green copper based stones include Dioptase, Chrysocolla, Eilat Stone and Malachite which all have excellent metaphysical attributes.

This stone resonates well within the heart chakra. To boost the effect of this stone in that area, use it with other strong heart chakra stones, especially green ones.

Heart based crystals that you might choose includes Emerald, Chrysocolla, Green Aventurine, Chrysoprase or Variscite.

Combine it with other base or root chakra stones to stimulate its action in that area.

Stones you might like to choose includes Rubellite also called Red Tourmaline, any of the red garnets, including Red Spessartine Garnet, Ruby or Red Spinel.

Red SpinelRed Spinel
RubyRuby Sphere

This is a useful stone to use in meditation to boost your intuitive gifts.

If you wish to stimulate this action more quickly, you may find that using it with other stones for developing your intuition to be advantageous.

Stones for this purpose includes Bustamite, Rainbow Moonstone, Iolite or Novaculite.

Picture Of This Stone

BrochantiteNeedle-like Brochantite Crystals on matrix Image © Rob Lavinsky

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