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Phantom Lodalite Chlorite QuartzReddish Brown and Green Phantoms in Chlorite Quartz

Chlorite Quartz are powerful crystals to aid spiritual development.

They are helpful used in meditation to aid you to develop psychic giftsThey have a strong heart based energy and are excellent healing stones.

They vibrate strongly within the higher chakras, and may assist you to contact the angels.

They may also assist you to connect with Spirit guides and other beings from the higher realms.

Their energy may aid healers as well as helping with self healing.

They will help a number of physical health problems as well as assisting the healing of emotional and spiritual based issues.

They help you to make a connection with Mother Gaia and elemental earth beings.

Their vibration is well known for its action to assist you to make a deeper connection with nature spirits. 

They are helpful healing crystals for you to use to utilize earth energy.

They have a strong vibration that helps you to entrain with the Schumann resonance, the electromagnetic field of the earth.

They have quite a few other excellent healing attributes including helping those with electrical hypersensitivity (EHS) to deal better with the effect of contact with devices that emit EMF’s.

Chlorite Quartz Meaning 

The meaning of the name Chlorite Quartz is related to these crystals being formed from normal 
quartz crystal that has inclusions of chlorite embodied within it.

The chlorite may be on top of,
or close to the surface of the stone, but is commonly found deep within the crystal.

While many of these crystals are green not all of them are. You may
not be aware of the fact that chlorite can be both green and red.

Some pieces of these stones containing both red and green
chlorite, see examples of these below.

The metaphysical properties of stones like these may vary according to
the actual included minerals as Green Phantom Quartz Crystals may have inclusions of either chlorite or clinochlore.

Clinochlore is known to be green, white, yellow, red or even purple.

Depending on the make-up of individual green phantom crystals, they
may contain
clinochlore or chlorite along with Rutile and Hematite, which will affect
how they benefit you.

Chlorite QuartzPhantom Chlorite Quartz

Shamanic Dream Quartz is another type of quartz that contains large amounts of chlorite as
inclusions in clear quartz.

Many pieces of Shamanic Dream
Quartz contain both red and green chlorite.

You may also see them selling as Shaman Quartz or
Chlorite Shaman Quartz, as they are potent stones to use for shamanic purposes.

Lodolite Quartz is also known as garden quartz and many of these contain green chlorite in them.

Where Is Chlorite Quartz Found?

These crystals may be found in areas such as Brazil or Madagaskar, as well as in the Himalayan Mountains.

Many beautiful specimens of Himalayan Green Phantom Quartz come from the Nepal region of the Himalayas.

Not all
Himalayan quartz crystals contain chlorite, but along with other crystals from this region they embody a unique vibration that relates to the
mountainous region where they are found.

Chlorite Quartz

properties of crystals containing chlorite makes them different to other varieties of
quartz that are found in the same mountainous area, so their vibration is not exactly the

The addition of the green chlorite within the stones gives
them different and distinct stone properties.

The inclusion of this
mineral within these crystals aids them to be powerful for healing
and for using for spiritual work.

How Is Chlorite Phantom Quartz Created?

These crystals may have phantoms of chlorite embodied within them, or alternatively the chlorite may occur as a coating on the surface.

In some cases, these crystals may have both. These
may be created by chlorite fully or partially covering a crystal during its growth cycle

The clear quartz again continues its growth and covers the green
chlorite already within them.

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Chlorite QuartzChlorite Quartz

structure of Chlorite Quartz can occur in many different quartz configurations
as these stones are simply a quartz crystal that has had the addition of the
chlorite mineral during its formation.

So in most cases the formation of Chlorite Phantom Quartz starts with a clear quartz crystal.

After it is covered by a chlorite coating at some point during its formation it commonly continues its normal growth.

This is a natural process that may happen more than
once, with the clear quartz again continuing its normal development and
during its growth cycle being again covered by red or green
chlorite, embodying it within its being.

The “green ghost” formation found within the stones is quite lovely to look at and this creates a powerful vibration.

These are known as phantoms when they appear internally within the crystal.

these crystals have a coating of chlorite on the surface as well if
they are found and unearthed at the point when the chlorite has
just covered them, see picture above.

How Will It Help You?

All varieties of quartz have an impressive action to amplify the influence of any minerals that are naturally included in the quartz.

So the power of the chlorite will be amplified by its inclusion in quartz.

Therefore crystals like these that embody chlorite within them will have a more powerful action than chlorite alone might have.

Phantom Lodalite Chlorite QuartzReddish Brown and Green Phantoms in Lodalite Chlorite Quartz

Chlorite is a powerful mineral in its own right, and has a strong
action to aid spiritual development and the growth of inspirational

Quartz crystals have a number of potent qualities
which is why quartz is used in many electronic devices.

Quartz will
resonate out into any room in which it is located and it will also resonate
the vibration of the chlorite or other minerals included within it.

Why Would You Use Chlorite Quartz?

One of the most beneficial uses for these crystals is to use them in a regular meditation practice.

They are potent aids to induce deep meditation, and to boost your innate visionary gifts.

If you immerse yourself in its energy it may assist your travels in the spiritual domain, where it may stimulate contact with angels and other beings in the
higher realms.

It is also known to assist you to more easily communicate information that you received from higher beings, spirit teachers and teacher guides when you are finished.

Chlorite Quartz

Chlorite Quartz is also known as Shaman Quartz as these crystals are extremely rewarding to use within shamanic practices, where their vibration aids inner journeying during meditation.

Chlorite is well known for its beautiful quite spiritual vibration, which will particularly resonate within the higher chakras.

It has a quite beneficial energy within the heart chakra and third eye chakra.

When regularly used in meditation, their energy may stimulate the growth of psychic visions also known as clairvoyant ability as well as clairaudience or psychic hearing.

If you wish to work on these specific gifts, placing a piece of this crystal on your third eye during meditation may be helpful.

Its energy will resonate within all of the higher chakras to boost spiritual growth and is helpful to assist contact with spirit guides.

How To Use It: Wearing Chlorite Quartz

All types of quartz are easy to program and of course this includes Quartz that contains chlorite or any other mineral.

If you don’t know how to program quartz crystal, relax, its easy to do! I have a specific article all about how to program your crystals.

Check out this article with My Top Tips When Programming Crystals if you aren’t sure about how to do it, 

You can program any of your crystals, and if you intend to wear jewelry made from this quartz variety, it may be advantageous to program it.

Its always helpful to align the program with the innate qualities of the individual stone you wish to use.

So check through the properties of the crystal and then program your jewelry to boost an aspect that attracts you.

Chlorite Quartz PendantDeep Green Chlorite Quartz Pendant

These crystals have a number of powerful metaphysical properties including their action to aid

If you feel you need to manifest anything that your life lacks, including manifesting money, it could be helpful to wear a piece of this stone that has been programmed with the desired outcome to help you to create this result.

As Chlorite Quartz has a good action to assist healing, it could also be used to benefit your health, as it resonates well to help your physical, emotional and spiritual being.

Who Should Use It? Healing Attributes 

Chlorite quartz is beneficial to help the healing of the physical body, as well as aiding both spiritual and emotional healing.

The vibration of these stones is known to assist you to make contact with your healing guides.

They are known to help with the healing of issues related to deep seated emotional or spiritual based issues.

Their energy may assist self healing within the physical body.

For this purpose it may be advantageous to place the stone in an area of the body close to the location of a particular health problem, especially when you are using it for meditation.

It is said they can help healers to receive advice from spirit when doing psychic surgery and they may assist the healing of tumors or other growths.

Chlorite Quartz

One of the more powerful metaphysical properties of stones containing
chlorite relates to how they assist you to vibrate at a similar
vibration as the Schumann resonance, the electromagnetic field of the

This aspect of their energy may assist you to heal from electromagnetic hypersensitivity or EHS if you
are sensitive to low frequency radiation sources such as computers and

Please Note: You do need to take care when using these stones to mitigate EMF’s. Only use them away from devices that emit EMF’s.

Stones containing chlorite are powerful healing crystals to use
for healing EHS.

But if you use them in the vicinity of devices emitting EMFS, the quartz may amplify
the emanations of the devices, giving you a stronger dose of EMF’s.

See more about stones for EMF protection.

My Final Thoughts: Aids Contact With Nature Spirits

These crystals have an enchanting vibration that may help to attract nature spirits or elemental creatures that may be beneficial for you to have living in the green areas around your home.

If you would like to make contact with these beings, reach out to them in meditation. Then place pieces of this crystals in areas that are located in the sections of your home adjacent to where you’d like them to reside.

Chlorite Quartz will resonate well, especially if you program it to do so.

These crystals have a good energy to help you to connect with nature
spirits and may assist you to utilize the energy of the earth better.

Chlorite Quartz

In summary: If you desire to have these elemental beings nearby to assist you and
the earth around your home, you could place a program in your
crystal: see section above on programming crystals.

The energy of one of these crystals could
be useful to to aid you to connect with Mother Gaia and might
encourage the growth of a healthier environment and more vigorous plant

For those of you who hold any type of group such as
meditation, this could improve the energy of the earth on which the
group meets, and if this is your home that might also be beneficial for everyone.

Best Crystals To Use With Chlorite Quartz

What are the best crystals to use with Chlorite Quartz?

Many of you may be working on developing your clairvoyant abilities, and as mentioned above, this stone is helpful for this purpose.

To bring an increase in your visionary gifts they can be combined with other crystals that will also stimulate psychic visions.

Well known stones for this purpose includes Iolite, Labradorite, Selenite and Dream Quartz, as all of these will help the process and may be used in combination with these crystals in meditation.

Other stones that also contain chlorite like Seraphinite, Kammererite, Cookeite and Kimberlite will boost the level of chlorite overall and may aid the process.


If you are using these crystals to aid you to feel an increased level of inspiration, you may choose to combine them with other stones that also boost inspired thinking.

Other crystals that may boost inspiration and aid you to be more insightful includes Eudialyte, Black Spinel, Sugilite and Carnelian.

These crystals have an excellent energy to assist you to connect with angels.

If you wish to boost their action, use them with other strong angel crystals when you are meditating.

Some of the stones that can be effective for this purpose includes Seraphinite,  Tunellite, Owyhee Blue Opal, or Angel Aura Quartz.

Angel Aura QuartzAngel Aura Quartz

To boost its energy to aid the development of clairaudient abilities you may choose to use it with other stones that have a good action to boost these abilities

Specific stones that you might choose includes Elestial Quartz, Holley Blue Agate, Seraphinite, Celestite, Dream Quartz, Blue Kyanite or Hypersthene.

Holley Blue AgateHolley Blue Agate

If you desire to make contact with elementals or nature spirits that live in your environment, you may choose to combine a number of the stones that will help to attract them to your area.

Having any of the crystals specifically known to aid nature spirits to feel more comfortable close to your home may be helpful, including stones such as Moss Agate, Green Kyanite, Fuchsite or Prasiolite.

If you have been suffering from a sensitivity to electromagnetic devices, you may benefit from keeping some of the other strong stones for this purpose close to you. Keeping them on your body is highly beneficial.

More of the specific crystals that are known to be most helpful to aid electromagnetic sensitivity  are listed in the article mentioned above.

The stones that I have found to be personally most effective are Shungite, Aegirine, Amazonite and Black Tourmaline, so I have pendants made from all of these so I can wear them regularly, especially if I am going to be in an area where lots of people are using mobile devices.

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