How To Cleanse Crystals With Incense: A Step By Step Guide

In this article: Discover how to cleanse crystals with incense and the benefits of this practice! Crystals have been used for thousands of years for healing and spiritual practices. However, like all things, they can pick up negative energy.  If you often use your crystals for manifestation, you should regularly cleanse them to clear away […]

Give yourself the gift of being known and receiving soul guidance

I have been guided to make my intuitive readings available to you to support you in your soul journey. My readings offer a wide range of soul connection and deep intuitive guidance. You can: – look into the depths of your soul with Astrology Readings – receive guidance for and from your chakras for wellness in all areas of […]

Sage Goddess Intro to the 12 Astrological Houses

So you’ve spent some time with your birth chart and done a deep dive into your Sun, Moon, and Rising signs — now what?? In order to fully understand the cosmic forces at play on your journey, it’s important to have a handle on the 12 astrological houses. Your birth chart is like a magical […]

The language of Tarot + discovering your deep soul guidance

Reading Tarot and Oracle Cards is the gift that keeps on giving in my life. Tarot cards are rich with archetypal symbology. They can give you a direct overview of your inner landscape, patterns, emotional weather, and more. All oracle cards are a window to your soul and a gateway to diving into the depths of your […]

AMETHYST Crystal Benefits, Meaning & Uses in Crystal Healing

Amethyst crystal benefits and meaning in crystal healing explained. Learn how the energetic properties of amethyst can transform your life… Amethyst Crystal Benefits Many people are drawn to this purple stone. This crystal has many different properties. What I share here are just a few of its many uses. I’m focusing on some of the […]

What your soul has to do with it all

In 2018, I fell in love with Soul Level Astrology taught by Mark Borax. Of course the kind of astrology that I fell in love with had to be all about the soul, had to have its origins in Atlantean Astrology, and needed to have a whole other chart configuration than any other astrology practiced out […]

How to Create a New Custom Paper Page in Microsoft Word

Printing custom paper has been made simple nowadays through using high technology desktop printers and laser printers. In fact, with so many printers around the planet, there’s always the need for custom paper sizes. In businesses, custom paper sizes are usually needed to make certain the content in a newsletter or other informational publication

12 Best Incense For Cleansing Crystals

In this article: Discover the best incense for cleansing crystals and their benefits! For thousands of years, incense has been used in spiritual practices around the world. It has many health benefits and can also clear negative energy, increase calm and focus or deepen concentration while meditating. Incense is often used to cleanse crystals and […]

You can read what now?

I looked at the small coffee cup in my hands and started to say a few words. My friend looked at me with huge eyes. She finally said ‘Damla, did we talk about this? Did I tell you how I felt about my job?’ I looked at her and said ‘Hon, I know what you feel […]

The Strategy Behind Mahjong Solitaire

Mahjong solitaire is casinos pay by phone bill one of the most popular games around. It is very relaxing and can be played at any time of day, even if you are running out of energy. This game is played on a single board with its own rectangular arrangement of tiles. You try to remove […]