10 Best Crystal Combinations For Red Garnet

Red Garnet is one of the most captivating gemstones you can come across. It is definitely the most popular gemstone of the Garnet family and the go-to stone for adding extra shine to your crystal collection. With its warm energy, Red Garnet is often used to promote passion, self-confidence, and motivation in all areas of […]

Andalusite Meaning Properties and Powers

Helps High Energy Overload Written By Liz Oakes The Andalusite meaning properties and powers can help overload from excess high vibration energy. Their action may stop you from getting overloaded from a build up of too much energy, as they are a strong grounding crystal that helps to move excess high vibration energy to earth to […]

Expand Kinesthetic Awareness with the Alexander Technique, ASMR • Crystal Healing Techniques

Expand Kinesthetic Awareness with the Alexander Technique, ASMR Energy Healers and Crystal Healers: Expand Kinesthetic Awareness with the Alexander Technique, ASMR   Founder of Crystal Surgery, Vivien Schapera, demonstrates how to expand your kinesthetic awareness with the Alexander Technique. Vivien first trained in Psychology, then the Alexander Technique. Her training in the Alexander Technique opened […]

Correcting Bio Electricity with Black Tourmaline, Demo, ASMR • Crystal Healing Techniques

More New Crystal Healing Information: Correcting Bio Electricity with Black Tourmaline, Demo, ASMR   Here’s a presentation of more new crystal healing procedures demonstrated and explained by Vivien Schapera, founder of Crystal Surgery. In this demo, Vivien explains how to correct the flow of bio-electricity in the physical, mental and spiritual layers.This method of aligning […]

Vivien’s article in VoyageDenver • Crystal Healing Techniques

Today we’d like to introduce you to Vivien Schapera. Hi Vivien, we’d love for you to start by introducing yourself.Vivien is a teacher, healer, and author who is also a radio show host with HealthyLife.net. Trained in clinical psychology, the Alexander Technique, and healing, her specialty is understanding the complex interaction of Body, Mind, and […]

10 Best Crystal Combinations For Sodalite

Sodalite is a fascinating crystal that promotes self-expression, spiritual growth, and clarity. With its soothing energy, Sodalite can be used to bring calmness to our mind, body, and soul. This incredible stone has many other benefits that can be amplified when paired with other crystals. Read on to discover the best crystal combinations for Sodalite […]

10 Best Crystal Combinations For Turquoise

Turquoise is a stunning crystal that balances the Throat chakra and acts as a shield for your emotions. If you crave inner peace or want to relieve your heart of trauma, you can use the calming energy of this stone to overcome your challenges. It is well-known that Turquoise is a powerful crystal by itself. But […]

Crystal Sphere Meaning Explained 🔮 Symbolism & Uses In Crystal Healing

Crystal sphere meaning and uses explained! What is the energy, symbolism and benefits of a sphere in sacred geometry and what does it do? How can you use a crystal ball in crystal healing, in your home or in crystal grids? Crystal Spheres A crystal sphere is any crystal, mineral or gemstone carved into a […]

Bumblebee Jasper Meaning & Healing Properties

Bumblebee Jasper is one of the most gorgeous stones in the mineral kingdom. Carrying a warm energy, this incredible crystal revitalizes the energetic systems of your body. It also enhances creativity and leads to fresh opportunities and solutions. Between its intriguing pattern and potent healing powers, it is not difficult to see why anyone would […]