by Amitabha Elliott

(St. Catharines, ON)

Today I picked up a piece of Black Tourmaline at work and started rubbing it like the description said and I instantly was grounded. For years, I’ve been feeling spacey, unfocused, lightheaded, and tired. Someone came in the store last week and grounded me energetically with Reiki and so I knew I needed to ground because I felt like I could see things again, it was like my head came out of the clouds.

Today, after picking up this stone, I instantly was grounded and then I put it down and after about 20 minutes I picked it up again and noticed a real difference. I work in a retail crystal store and so there is a lot of energy coming through every day. I will never be without a piece of Black Tourmaline again. This has forever changed my life.


Amitabha Elliott

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