Is Black Tourmaline not working for you? Do you need a stronger crystal for psychic protection or grounding? You’re not alone, here are some good alternatives to Black Tourmaline…

Why Is Black Tourmaline So Popular?

Black Tourmaline is one of the most popular crystals for psychic protection. Many people love it and wear or work with it daily. It is primarily used for protection from negative or unwanted energy. It’s also a good stone for grounding in daily life or spiritual work.

Nearly all the most popular crystal healers, teachers and authors recommend this stone. It has grown in popularity just through the positive benefits people have experienced with it. Because of this, many people will recommend it or gift it to their friends and family.

Because Black Tourmaline is not rare or expensive, this makes it easily accessible for people. It’s usually one of the first crystals in peoples collections. Most people have a piece somewhere.

Raw Black Tourmaline Point
Raw Black Tourmaline Point

Black Tourmaline Not Working?

Despite all this, Black Tourmaline is not ideal for everyone. We are all different and there is no one-size-fits-all in modern-day crystal healing. For some, this stone is just not the best for them or their situation. Other people may even have a bad reaction or feel repelled by it. Other times it is just not strong enough for some people.

When I first started working with Black Tourmaline I noticed that the smaller crystals were not very effective for me. I could feel more power in the medium to large pieces, though. That’s good for crystal healing layouts, your home and crystal grids, but not so great if I want to wear it.

Black Tourmaline crystal grid
Black Tourmaline is great for gridding

Alternatives To Black Tourmaline

Don’t worry if Black Tourmaline is not working for you or someone you know, there are plenty of other options. One of the reasons I wrote Psychic Protection Crystals was because there is a whole wide world of protection stones out there. Not only that but I have found that certain crystals work better for some people and specific needs.

The following information is based on my book, which goes into depth on each stone and creating custom shielding techniques.

Black Tourmaline Not Working? Try these alternatives…

So, what are the alternatives? Below are eight other crystals that I think you should try if black Tourmaline is not working well for you. Read my introduction to each stone and see if it meets your needs. See how you feel holding them or test them out for the day. Discover which one works best for you and your energy.

Black Tourmaline not working?
Black Tourmaline not working?


I feel this reflective crystal is sometimes overlooked as a protection stone. It is highly effective for shielding your aura from unwanted influences and bad vibes. Not only that, but it’s also a great crystal for grounding. Hematite helps anchor your energy to the Earth’s core.

Hematite Egg
Hematite Egg


Another good alternative to Black Tourmaline is good old Smoky Quartz. As well as being a powerful crystal for psychic protection, this form of Quartz is also cleansing. Smoky Quartz is an effective stone for grounding. Your spiritual Guardians (protective guides) also work well through this crystal.

Polished Smoky Quartz standing crystal point
Polished Smoky Quartz standing crystal point


This is a form of Black Obsidian, but it is clear and brown when held to the light. Apache Tear is much more gentle than regular Black Obsidian. As well as being a great all-around protection stone, Apache Tear is particularly helpful for empaths. It shields your emotions from outside negative influences.

Raw Apache Tear nugget
Raw Apache Tear nugget


This is another grounding earth element stone. Red Jasper is also protective and helps you strengthen your energetic and personal boundaries. This earthy red stone quickly helps you feel safe and secure. Placed in the home, it protects your space from unwanted or harmful energies.

Red Jasper Tumbled Stone
Red Jasper Tumbled Stone


This is a very powerful protective stone. Black Obsidian shields from negative energy and helps block psychic attacks. This volcanic black glass repels bad vibes and helps you sever the connection to those that drain your energy (including psychic vampires). Some find this form of Obsidian to be too strong for them so please test it out slowly.

Black Obsidian Arrowhead
Black Obsidian Arrowhead


Golden Tiger’s Eye is protective and gently grounding. This is a good crystal for protection from the evil eye (bad vibes from jealously or hate) and even black magic (harmful spells). Tiger’s Eye strengthens your belief in yourself, helping you be more confident and empowered. It will also strengthen your aura over time.

Tiger's Eye Tumbled Stone
Tiger’s Eye Tumbled Stone


This is a combination stone with high amounts of Hematite and layers of Red Jasper and Tiger’s Eye. I find this to be much more grounding than its cousin Tiger’s Eye. It is even stronger for psychic protection, deflecting psychic attacks. Tiger’s Iron, if used regularly, helps strengthen your aura over time.

Tiger's Iron Tumble Stone
Tiger’s Iron Tumble Stone


This form of Garnet is not only energising but also a surprisingly good stone for your protection needs. Almandine Garnet is excellent at deflecting and burning up toxic or harmful energy. It guards against psychic attacks and helps you evade psychic vampires. If you do have a bad experience, it can help replenish your energy afterwards.

Polished but naturally faceted Almandine Garnet
Polished but naturally faceted Almandine Garnet

Is Black Tourmaline not working or right for you? If so what will you be trying next? Let me know in the comments below (PLEASE keep any questions you have concise and stick to this blog post topic if you want a response).

If you are looking for other information please search my website or visit the Resources page to see if it’s already been covered elsewhere.

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