Are you a reluctant entrepreneur? Are you “forced” to build a business because you want to help people? This article will help you understand how to bridge the gap. Another interesting aspect of this article, is that those of us in helping professions don’t get enough care ourselves. Let’s take care of the irony! 

Want to launch a new career, but not yet ready to give up your day job? You are not alone! But beware … time is at a premium and burnout is real. Here are some very helpful tips to focus your energy, maintain your stamina and help you achieve success.

As reported by Nasdaq, one in three Americans currently has a second line of work, with the number expected to increase significantly in the coming years. Working two jobs provides various benefits such as increased income, developing new skills, and faster repayment of debts. But it also involves dealing with increased work hours, financial overheads, and stress. For individuals looking to start a second career, this article explores three practical ways to balance work and self-care.

Create a Schedule

Handling a full-time job, and a new career, can become overbearing without a schedule. Just like your job, create a structure for work pertaining to your new endeavor. Decide how many hours per day or days per week you can realistically dedicate towards it.

Once you have a time estimate, you’ll be able to schedule tasks with ease and create balance in your work routine. Additionally, use project management tools such as Trello or Clarizen to create short-term and long-term task lists, stay on top of task progress, and set reminders for important deadlines.

Additionally, dedicate pockets of time you get during the day, like traveling and lunch breaks, towards supplementary tasks such as researching, uploading social media posts, replying to emails, etc.

Take Assistance of Technology and Professionals

A common mistake that entrepreneurs make is trying to handle all tasks single-handedly. While it may work for a while, in time it is bound to lead to burnout. A more efficient way to do business is by delegating tasks and channeling your time and energy towards important activities. Here are a few areas you can look to delegate:

Social Media: With a social media manager on your team you can entrust them with the responsibility of creating digital marketing strategies, designing posts, and uploading content to your socials. This will help develop a strong online presence, create brand awareness and help make sales.

Business Formation: Establishing a Limited Liability Company (LLC) for your business will lead to you paying lower taxes and having more resources for research, marketing, and product development. To avoid expensive lawyer fees and cumbersome paperwork, hire a formation service such as ZenBusiness.

Additionally, utilize software that allows you to automate important business tasks. A few notable ones include:

Google Alerts: It is the perfect tool to help you track trends and developments in your industry and niche. Based on keywords you set, the program will send emails each time there is an update.

Zoho: It allows you to create workflows using which you can send automated emails to customers based on their actions. Using zoho you can automate sending welcome emails to new customers, birthday emails, abandoned cart emails, and more.

Learn to Take Breaks

According to the American Institute of Stress more than 83% of workers across the country report suffering from work-related stress. As an individual managing a small business along with a job, the chances of feeling stressed are even higher.

A tried and tested method for dealing with stress is taking periodic breaks and focusing on activities beyond work. This includes planning one or more vacations a year, in addition to creating time each day for activities that help you de-stress and promote mindfulness, such as reading, exercising, spending time with family, gardening, etc.

However, if you find yourself struggling to handle stress, but can’t get away for a vacation, consider having regular sessions like massage, healing, bodywork, coaching or counseling. Just one hour per week of such input, can restore balance and perspective. You may even want to try something completely new, to add some variety to your week and feel like you’re having fun – because all work and no play makes Jack a dull boy. For example, the newly popular crystal healing can prove to be an adventurous solution. Crystals have historically been acknowledged for their abilities to align the mind, body, and soul, achieving a sense of calm by promoting the flow of good energy and helping to get rid of negative energy. If you truly can’t spare the time or money, remember, there are other solutions. These days there are many online resources, for example you can help yourself with crystal healing through online videos and blogs by Vivien Schapera, a reputed crystal healing expert with more than 33 years of experience in the field.

When it comes to launching a new business or second career, the key to success is sound time and stress management skills. Having complete control over your actions and thoughts will help you become a successful entrepreneur.

Article by Jason Lewis

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