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​This is a topic that has been on my mind for quite some time but I finally made the time to gather my thoughts about it. Now, I wont make any disclaimers because I think it is obvious that these are my feeling on the subject and may not align with yours and thats okay as I will continue to explain.

So what do I mean by being “spiritually correct”. There are a lot of definitions out there but I wanted to give my definition based on the spiritual community not including religions because that is another subject entirely so I am not talking about religions when I am talking about spirituality. My definition of being “spiritually correct” is an ego based belief that there is a “wrong” way and a “right” way to practice spirituality….

This often comes in a form of telling people what to do and how they should act. This is where I have seen “spiritually correct” actions the most. If you want a really hilarious YouTube video on this subject it will be linked to this video. This is a pattern that very often happens when someone is new to spiritually and has been gathering a lot of information but who thinks they know enough to start giving unsolicited advice to other people in the way they practice their spirituality in their day to day lives.

This can be as small as making a remark about someone’s eating patterns and telling them that they shouldn’t eat dairy products or animal products because they are low vibrational foods. Now I’m a pescetarian myself and this means that I eat seafood and fish but don’t eat pork, beef, or chicken mostly because I didn’t like it as a kid but it became more of knowledgeable about it I decided consciously stop eating it. I know it works for me but I can’t say it will work for the next person so I don’t recommend it to other people because I don’t know what is in the best interest for them and their bodies and I don’t claim to know as much.

This can also be bigger such as telling someone to how they should handle a complicated situation in their lives without being asked or going as far as saying you KNOW the way someone else needs to heal. There are many, many variables that will tell you whether or not you should speak up and that’s really a call for you to make based on how well you know that person, whether you truly feel they are asking for that advice, and much more but here is when the topic goes into “spiritually correct” territory:
1. Not listening to the other person. An example is when someone tells you that they had a bad day and you try to put a quick bandaid on it and give them one liners like “well everything happens for a reason”, “don’t be sad”, “you are really being so negative”. When you say these things about a couple things happen. First, you stop the flow of communication. Second, in a matter of words you told them that they are not allowed to feel their feelings. This can cause shame and repressed emotions. The key here is what you resist persists. If you find yourself doing this to someone take a step back and reflect on what emotions they are expressing that you’ve perhaps been denying in yourself.
2. You are being judgmental instead of discerning: Discerning is when you can see the situation at hand clearly but you take your opinion and ego out of it. Judgment is when you have an ego based opinion whether something is “right” or “wrong” and react accordingly to your judgements.  If you find yourself doing this then, again, step back and take a look at all the judgments you place on yourself regarding this situation. Heal whatever it was that made this topic a trigger for you.
3. You are not giving them autonomy and trusting that they can make the best decisions for themselves. For example, lets say a friend of yours hasn’t had a relationship in a long time. Now it’s easy to go to a place of “what is wrong with them” and “what do THEY need to heal” especially if you are not trying to understand and relate to their situation. This causes you to be closed off to other points of views and goes straight into “spiritual correctness” territory again. When you find yourself doing this then recognize that you may need to open your mind a bit more and see where you are limiting yourself in that topic. Maybe you have convinced yourself that nobody could possibly be happy or fulfilled being single and this can be a perfect opportunity for you to let go of that limiting belief so you wont have to hold onto that fear anymore.

To recap: How to recognize when you are going into “spiritual correctness” state:
When you are judging instead of discerning
When you think you know more than someone else and know what’s in their best interest
When you are not giving someone the autonomy that they deserve

The way to handle people who are stuck in being “spiritually correct” is give them empathy. This may be a long or short phase they they will be going through but it can be necessary for them in order to learn more about themselves and recognize the shadow work they need to do. Also understand that you don’t need to take it personally because it’s all what they are going through and they are using you as a mirror for judgments they place on themselves. For instance if someone says, “that person is so fat!” You know that they honestly have judgments, emotional triggers and fears surrounding being fat themselves or they wouldn’t react in that way. They usually are coming from a place where they feel devalued or have low self worth. Now I am not telling you to feel sorry for them. That is sympathy. Once you feel sorry or give someone sympathy you are affirming that they don’t have the power to change.

So by recognizing when you are being “spiritually correct” you can heal all aspects of yourself that you have been placing judgment on. You can shed light and love on all parts of you that you felt you couldn’t accept about yourself and grow exponentially!

Hope you enjoyed this topic! 

<3 Crystal Joy to you!!

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