In this Conversations With Healers episode, my guest is Anielle Reid, Psychic Medium Channel and Author of oracle card decks Magick & Mediums Oracle, The Slavic Oracle, and The Golden Light Oracle. Anielle and I had a really interesting conversation about:

  • Her creation process for the oracle decks and how each deck corresponded to a special transformation in her life,
  • What you can do with oracle decks and how different decks can help you with life’s questions,
  • How to better get in touch with your intuition (it is simpler than you think),
  • Her advice for leaving fear behind,
  • And more.

My favorite healing nugget from Anielle isPeople focus on things that aren’t their intuition and their own magick. Just increase the amount of time you aren’t in fear. Try to spend one hour in love and keep increasing that time.”

You can find out more about Anielle and her work at her websiteShe is generously offering 10% off all her decks and psychic medium sessions with the coupon code ‘witch’.

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