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I came across this site a couple months ago and fell in love instantly. I love everything about it and especially reading about the metaphysics of the different crystals. I then began exploring different religions and learning about all things dealing with the “unknown”.

I am particularly fascinated with the 23 Universal Laws, most especially the Law of Absorption. This states that all matter in the universes, regardless of it’s manifested vibration, absorbs emanations from all other matter and the matter is influenced by this absorption. In other words, all things are connected, relate and affect one another.

Reading this re-inforced my belief that crystals within my aura will increase my vibrations. Consequently, something very strange has happened to me very recently.

I have many stones. I have a crackled fire agate cabochon, a rough fire agate stone (although it looks more like sardonyx), a red jasper stone, a tigers eye tumblestone and thumb stone, a fluorite thumb stone, a clear quartz tumblestone, a black obsidian tumble stone, a smoky quartz tumblestone, a tourminalated quartz tumblestone, and a blue kyanite stone.

I keep them all in an open bag of sand until I use them, then they go back in to recharge. I also have a petalite energy dome, and an amethyst/citrine gem chip tree. The base is a large amethyst cluster with citrine chips hanging off coiled metal wiring in the shape of a tree.

Anyway, I have been using them for some time now (only keeping them in my pockets or holding them asking them to heal me or protect me). I can literally look at them and whichever one sticks out at me is the one I use.

Well earlier this week I had my clear quartz and tigers eye in my pocket all day and I have to say I felt out of it as if in a daze or “ungrounded” as this website calls it even though the tigers eye is a good stone for spiritual grounding.

Keep in mind that as I have these on me all day the incident takes place in the evening when I am at the table on my laptop for some time. This is also where I keep my petalite energy dome which awakens, balances and aligns the Chakras. It enhances meditation, psychic and spiritual development, and grounds spiritual energy. It can also encourage healing and development of bones and because of the presence of lithium, it has a calming anti-depressant effect.

Well as I was going about my business whilst feeling “ungrounded” even with these stones in and near my aura, I lost my cell phone.

I simply cannot remember clearly what happened. I was on the computer waiting for my girlfriend so we could leave and I literally just sent a text to her mother. Well I cannot remember exactly where I put my phone down however I always put it in my hoodie pockets and I didn’t leave the table vicinity.

Well we went to the store and when we got there she asked me to hold her little wallet and I noticed my phone was missing. We literally have searched everywhere in our house and car for it and its gone. We called the store twice and no one turned one in. Also it died in about an hour which is weird because it was just fully charged. Its like it vanished.

Did I astral plane and leave it in another realm?

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