Here’s a quick update on what I have been doing and what I love this month:

I am continuing to write in and enjoy my . She is patient with me as I find my way through feeling into the questions and pages. I am on day 14 and loving having a moment to discover the nectar in my day before I go to bed.

I am sharing more and more of at my Instagram stories. Follow me at to join me through my day.

I am diving into together with a friend. For some reason I keep hugging the book. I am sooo excited to read her!

I am so happy to have discovered . So far this is the only natural deodorant that I came across that actually works! You can get a 10% off discount with the code ‘adropofom’.

I discovered where the poet reads his enchanted life healing poems. His words are nourishment, medicine, and fresh water on a hot hot day.

I loved watching , especially because I live close to all the places they mention in it.

My recent private clients include adults, an IT Department going through restructuring, a teenager with screen time issues, a beloved dog who was experiencing anxiety, and an energetically blocked corner cubicle, all with beautifully felt and seen results. .

With love, light, and tons of gratitude,


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