by Jessica

(Lockport, Il)

Growing Celestite Crystal

Growing Celestite Crystal

I was wondering about a crystal that I have been meditating with now for at least a couple months. The information I’m questioning about I can’t seem to find any answers to.

I have been meditating almost every morning with this small cluster of Celestite and she also sits at the head board of my bed every night when I sleep. I have noticed that my dreams have been way more vivid since using this crystal and that when I meditate with I feel that I have met one of my guides and my twin flame.

So needless to say I LOVE this crystal. In this past month I have noticed a lower shelf of crystals that seems to be growing on the underside of the piece. I know that it was not there before and that it is getting bigger!

It even seems to have a “key” developing in one of the developing crystals!!!!! I have attached a photo and circles the area where the new crystals are forming. Has anyone heard of anything like this or knows what this means? Any info would be much appreciated!

Many Blessings to all!!

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