What are some of the best crystals for spiritual awakening? Which crystals can trigger spiritual activation and support your spiritual growth and development?

Crystals For Spiritual Awakening

Many people find that they are just naturally drawn to crystals after a spiritual awakening. Some will even credit a certain crystal as being part of their awakening. After all, many crystals are catalysts for change.

Moon Phase Crystal Shelf/wall altar
Moon Phase Crystal Shelf/ Wall Altar

Many crystals hold deeply spiritual energy, too many to mention here. I’m sharing a few of the ones here that may be helpful to you. Some you will probably be very familiar with but some are more unusual.

These crystals for spiritual awakening help clear old energy, raise your vibration, assist in times of transition and speed the spiritual awakening process.

8 Crystals For Spiritual Awakening & Alignment


Phantom formations, most commonly seen inside Clear Quartz crystals are great for spiritual growth. They help connect you more with your higher self. Phantom crystals are perfect support stones for when you are doing a big life review. They can help you gain a higher perspective.

These crystals are also useful for refocusing your life direction. This is so you can be in a better alignment with your energy and purpose. Phantom crystals support you through times of personal transformation and working through any karmic lessons.

White Phantom Quartz Crystal Point
White Phantom Quartz Crystal Point


Amethyst is a great companion stone for spiritual awakening. This crystal connects you with your spiritual path. It tunes you into the spiritual world and higher consciousness. Work with Amethyst to help release the past and clear out old identities.

Amethyst alchemically transmutes lower energy to a higher frequency. This violet gemstone activates your third eye and opens the crown chakra. Amethyst assists you in awakening or developing your natural psychic abilities.

Amethyst crystal merkaba
Amethyst Merkaba


This is a high vibration combination crystal worth checking out. Quantum Quattro supports spiritual growth and personal transformation. It’s a very cleansing stone that can help you in working through and releasing old patterns of behavior that no longer serve you.

Quantum Quattro is excellent for new beginnings and a rebirth. It’s helpful when you are ready to enter a new era in your life.

Quantum Quattro Tumbled Stone
Quantum Quattro Tumbled Stone


Strikingly beautiful, Malachite absorbs and detoxifies negative energy from your aura and energy body. This green stone speeds up your spiritual growth. This is a crystal of personal transformation.

Malachite guides you through times of transitions and change. It can sometimes trigger big life changes if they are needed for your spiritual growth. Some find this stone to be quite intense or too strong for them. Go easy if you’re new to Malachite.

Malachite Tumbled Stone
Malachite Tumbled Stone


I find these blue Sapphires with triangular markings help strengthen your connection to your higher self. They dial you into your inner wisdom and can trigger spiritual downloads of information.

Sapphire Record Keepers help access your life blueprint or akashic records. This helps align you with your life purpose, higher path and current soul missions. These blue record keepers raise your vibration and help activate your merkaba.

Blue Sapphire Record Keeper Crystal
Blue Sapphire Record Keeper Crystal


This golden stone is super powerful for spiritual activation. It’s a good and much cheaper alternative to Moldavite. Libyan Desert Glass (AKA Libyan Gold Tektite) is a deep cleansing stone.

Its clears all your chakras and assists you in shedding old karmic patterns and outdated energy. Libyan Desert Glass helps you shine your light. It’s helpful if you are any kind of way-shower or wish to become a spiritual teacher.

Libyan Desert Glass
Libyan Desert Glass


This dark green tektite is one of the most well known crystals for spiritual awakening and activation. Moldavite flushes the chakra system and brings personal transformation. It expands your consciousness and can awaken psychic abilities including clairvoyance, lucid dreaming and astral travel.

Some find Moldavite too strong for them, so try before you buy and adjust to it slowly. The price has sky rocketed in recent years and most people can’t aford it anymore. Try Libyan Desert glass or these other subsitute stones if needed.

Raw Moldavite
Raw Moldavite


Good old Clear Quartz is a perfectly good crystal for spiritual growth. Many newly awakened souls and those on a spiritual path are drawn to it or will wear a crystal around their neck. Clear Quartz crystal points help you receive spiritual downloads.

This crystal teaches you your power to manifest what you focus on. Clear Quartz also brings clarity to your intuition, divination and psychic insights.

Clear Quartz Crystal Point
Clear Quartz Crystal Point

Have you worked with any of these crystals for spiritual awakening or growth? I would love to hear from you in the comments below (PLEASE keep any questions you have concise and stick to this blog post topic if you want a response).

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