Discover seven crystals to connect with angels, your guardian angel and the angelic realm. Communicate with your angels and channel their healing energy and guidance.

As I keep seeing the angel number 444, I thought I would share more crystals with you for those that work with or want to work with angels. I have already covered Crystals for the Archangels and an Angel Crystal Grid in the past if you’re interested.

Crystals To Connect With Angels

These crystals connect with the angelic realm in general. This means you can work with these crystals to connect with angels, guardian angels or archangels. I believe we ALL have angels that watch over and guide us.

Crystals to connect with angels, angel cards and crystals
Crystals to connect with angels

How you call upon angels and work with them is up to you. I know that the more you are conscious of them, learn about them or ask for their assistance the more their presence is felt. Personally, I found working withangel cards strengthened this bond and gave support to me in challenging times.

How To Work With Crystals To Connect With Angels

Firstly, having a clear intention to connect with your angels is the most important thing. These crystals can support you by tuning your energy into that of the angelic realms. They can help draw your angels close to you.

You can wear any crystal you are drawn to or carry it on you. Alternatively, you can meditate with one or place them on an altar or in a sacred space within your home. You could have them out when you do an angel card reading or place them within your crown chakra.

Only angel, crystals and cadles on an altar
Onyx Angel Carving

7 Crystals To Connect With Angels


Angelite or Anhydrite is formed from Celestite that has transformed over millions of years. This pale blue stone has a soothing and calming energy. As the metaphysical name suggests, this is a crystal that is connected to the angels.

Angelite helps you communicate with your angels. It can strengthen the connection between you and your personal angels and guardian angels.

Angelite tumbled stone
Angelite tumbled stone


Seraphinite is a green and silver-white stone with a feathery pattern and sheen. This rare crystal is connected to the Seraphim, some of the most luminous and high angels. However, these Siberian crystals work with all types of angels.

Seraphinite brings your awareness to angelic signs and messages. It supports you on your healing journey and during new beginnings.

Seraphinite tumbled stone
Seraphinite tumbled stone


This is usually created by bonding Clear Quartz with precious metals like Silver and Platinum. It has a very high vibration because it carries angelic light. Angel Aura helps you connect with your angels and communicate with them.

This crystal raises your vibration and increases your faith during challenging times. Angel aura is great for clearing all your chakras too.

Angel Aura Quartz Crystal Point
Angel Aura Quartz Crystal Point


Danburite is another high vibration angelic crystal. It does seem to be becoming harder to find. If you have one they are like angelic torches connecting to all the angelic realms.

Danburite assists those who feel they have an important mission here to serve the planet and humanity. Also, this crystal can help you access information in the akashic records.

Danburite crystal point
Danburite Crystal Point


Originally these crystals had fuzzy white phantoms inside them (see my photo) with a splash of colour. Nowadays they have red, brown and orange streaks inside them. Amphibole Quartz is connected to the seraphim, your guardian angels and all kinds of angels.

It offers angelic protection and removes fears around working with angels. Also, Amphibole Quartz helps heal the aura and increases your awareness of the angels.

Amphibole Quartz phantom quartz (old stock)
Amphibole Quartz phantom quartz (old stock)


Celestite crystals connect you with angels and the angelic realms. This icy blue crystal invokes the energy of peace and tranquillity. This is an excellent crystal for angelic communication and meditation.

Celestite supports you in making decisions in alignment with your higher self and your angels. It helps you trust the process and assists you with angel card readings and other divination.

Celestite Tumbled Stone
Celestite Tumbled Stone


This is another spiritual and high vibe crystal for working with your angels. Apophyllite enhances your communication with the angels and the archangels. It raises your vibration and helps clear away lower energies.

This crystal can support you while learning how to channel angelic messages and receive guidance for yourself and others.

Apophyllite Cluster
Apophyllite Cluster

Other Worthy Mentions

Other crystals to connect with angels include Selenite/Satin Spar, Rainbow Moonstone, Seriphos Green Quartz and Golden Rutilated Quartz. You can also work with a carved crystal angel made of Clear Quartz.

Alternatively, choose a stone associated with what you need help or guidance on. Rose Quartz for self-love and comfort or Lapis Lazuli for intuition for example.

Crystal angels
Little crystal angels can be carried in your pocket

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