Have you ever felt like you were in two places at once? As though your mind went through different worlds at the same time? Have you ever felt an overwhelming connection to the Universe? Je pense, donc je suis is Descartes’ famous quote, which translates to “I think, therefore I am”. This means that we know we are alive because we have the capacity to think, but that’s all we know for certain. Everything else is based on our individual perspective. Thoughts are powerful because they can change the way we perceive things. What happens when we can see beyond our basic thoughts? Beyond the physical realm? What happens when we let go of control? Or feel an unsurmountable connection to everyone or everything around us? What happens when we stop feeling trapped and start experiencing true freedom? Are you transitioning to a new level of consciousness? Here are 5 signs you are outgrowing 3D life and ascending to 5D.

1) You find it hard to do mundane tasks without frustration.

Driving in traffic is so 3D! Small talk feels even more empty and like a grand waste of precious time. You seek depth in people, places, and experiences. And you let go of relationships that cannot provide it. You release those beings gently and with love, and attract new relations that are more aligned to your new level of conscious awareness.

2) Your appetite changes

Your appetite decreases and you find that you breathe more deeply. Human food is contaminated in many ways now, and your higher self intuitively wishes to avoid toxins of any kind. You begin to seek whole and fresh foods when possible and animal products become harder to digest easily. You also desire to work more actively with plant medicines as teachers.

3) You’re sensitive to time

The significance of time changes. You find you can stretch or shorten it even at will. If you need this hour to last longer, you are learning to stretch it by slowing the vibration of it with your mind; if you wish this hour to pass quickly, raise the vibration around time, or add more quartz to your environment, and time will pass faster.

4) You desire peace

You no longer confront people in a way that is heated or angry. You have realized that you can speak to people by communicating with their higher selves and you can resolve all conflicts on a soul level without direct interaction or confrontation, in much more peaceful ways than you can directly – especially if you are upset or angry. You also learn how to make peace with the dead through interdimensional communication techniques.

5) You are more empathetic

You feel love for all humanity – but it’s not a mushy selfless love. You feel connected to everyone and thus have a deeper compassion for others who do not share your perspectives or views. You develop even deeper compassion for people who speak negatively about you or others because you realize how trapped they are in a lower dimension and you remember how you felt during those times – trapped, sad, and afraid.

In closing

5D consciousness is filled with love, compassion, and understanding. When you’re in the 5th dimension, you radiate an energy that feels like it comes from the Higher Realms. And it does. There is no such thing as good or bad, or right or wrong. The beauty of 5D invigorates and integrates your being, making it difficult to go back to 3D. Exploring and understanding how everything is connected – people, the earth, the stars, the moon – helps you see what can only be felt.

If you don’t feel like you’re ascending to 5D yet, there’s no problem. You’re right where you need to be. Everyone is on their own journey and everyone has their own reasons for choosing the current dimension that aligns with their path. But let’s be “real” … there’s no way you’ve read to the end of this article without at least being 4D!

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